8 days

On Tuesday morning my best friend M's best friend died in a car accident, just 8 days after Jessica's death and

Honestly I'm ing done with this world

Jessica (we have another Jessica in our clique, she was Jessica's best friend) already calls it a curse and said "Let's wait for 8 other days" but

I'm just done, the girl who died, if you live in the north / north west part of Germany you can look it up in the news on the internet

It was horrible, so B was unbelted, first of all - if I hear from my friends one more time they are not putting on seatbelts I'm going to kill a and start a riot, my best friend does it at times and I'm always ing furious finding out like how dumb can ppl be

But that didn't matter, she crashed against a tree and died immediately bc on her way to her vacational school she texted her friend (idk before she started driving or even while driving) that she didn't study for the test she was going to take because of Jessi's funeral and all that and I'm just

My friend M is shattered, she lost one really good friend and then her best friend

why is this world so cruel

I also knew B for a long time - for 3 years now, she was as well one of the nicest and prettiest girl I've ever seen, she was a very smol, cute, 21 years old Kurd, this is so sad

And the boys in the room we use to chill were going wild in the room and pushed sofas and couches around I was almost afraid they would damage Jessi's altar I hate everything


Again guys, take care and bless you all :'(

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