A friend died

This is nothing to catch your attention, a friend of mine, who had a lot friends indeed, died in the night from Sunday to Monday and I am

i am shook 

Those who follow me on instagram maybe saw my insta story with the caption "Oberstufenball", it is some kind of ball or prom but not very important

I still can't believed it

as a clique we took photos in a "photo box" and we danced and got drunk together Saturday night 

so i slept over at my best friends house and got home by Sunday evening and everything was fine and all but Jessi, so our friend, didn't turn up to school, we thought she was embarrassed bc a lot of ppl who were honestly not supposed to make out actly hooked up (but not her, just - almost) so we didn't think of anything 

i then got home and studied for my driver's license and suddenly a friend posted into this car group of mine (since we do ride sharing every morning) and literally said "Jessi L is dead" 

and I asked her if she's joking bc that would be one hell of a sick joke, turned out she fell asleep and never woke up, her mother found her dead in her bed bc she noticed Jessi didn't get up for school and then hell broke loose

life is so horribly unfair, she was honestly one of the most beautiful girls I've seen in my entire life, like I you not, this woman was pure beauty, I wish I could show you, and additionally she was crazy and fun to be with when she was around us

it is so saddening to suddenly realize - she is never coming back to art class, and she'll never turn up to ethics class to sit next to my friend and me, and she'll never turn up to seminar class to sit next to me

This truly angelic girl will never show up to bright up our lives again

when I first read about it and listened to my friend's audio msgs I first just had the wildest heartbeat, my mom then left to pick up my dad  from work and that's when I started to cry all day and think about her and my other friends 

i feel sorry especially for my best friend J who was really close to her, I hope she is doing fine bc today we didn't talk a lot after what happened, same with my kpop friend K and I am honestly 




like why does this happen to such beautiful humans 

please everybody, take care, tell your friends you love them or show them daily

you won't be there forever, just like them 

Bless all of you

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