STUCK IN BETWEEN (makes totally no sense but it's just rambling)


Okay, just here me out here. This is gonna be a stupid sh*tty blog but whateves,right? 

So here's the issue, 

At my school ( somewhere in Malaysia - hohohoho) we have prefects. What is a prefect? Well, according to the Internet it's; 

in some schools, a senior student authorized to enforce discipline. 

To name a few things what prefects usually do is like make sure the students aren't too noisy during assembly, making sure their lines are straight and like take away some of their merit points if they do something wrong like talk back to you or forget school attires such as their belt and necktie. During recess, the prefects head out around 10 minutes early. Yes, our recess is ONLY 10 minutes as we have to be on duty during the usual students' recess. Even the process to become a prefect in my school is quite difficult. 

Seems quite easy, right? IT'S NOT. I have been a prefect for around 2 years and to be honest, I never saw myself as a prefect. It really stresses me out most of the times and my depression and anxiety usually are a big issue there. I got really really tired of my status and the job until this year - where one of the teachers announced that they were having try-outs for librarians (a person, typically with a degree in library science, who administers or assists in a library.)  

You can't have 2 ranks in the school and I've already been accepted as a librarian candidate ( the teacher is aware I'm a prefect and gave me time to discuss everything.) I really really love being surrounded by books and everything that has to be involved in the library - I'm not exaggerating here. Everyone there is just so welcoming and just friendly. I love the workspace because it's quiet and neat - not really a fan at the big crowded areas where the students pass by you and just like stare for a second or two. I've told the disciplinary teacher and she gave me time to think if I really want to let this status of a prefect go. I've asked a few of closest friends and all they say is follow your gut but right now my gut just says that I'm gonna throw up if I think about this much longer.

*sighs* The teachers keep on saying that there's a lot to lose if I let my status as a prefect go. I'm just torn here, really. 

Thanks for reading by the way. 

Sincerely, EasyIzzy.



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Just go with what you want and feel like doing best . After all there isn't so much of a difference in my opinion .