ello earthlings  (^~^) . . 

I'm back with my daily reportings on the whole school-bullying thing.


Today was such a lovely day. 

Well that's because the boy that normally goes on with me was absent from school. 

I was extremely happy, because he wasn't there! Narcisistic N, he was finally not there!

Yes the other boys were there but that didn't bother me because they didn't tease me. They smiled at me, but I can't tell whether it was sarcastic or genuine. All that matters to me was that finally that stupid boy wasn't there.

I could finally be at ease for the day and not worry about bumping into him somewhere. 

Though, there is still tomorrow . . .

I wonder what is going to happen tomorrow. Just because he was absent today doesn't mean he will be out tomorrow too.



I am currently listening to Beautiful by Baekhyun and it's making me smile because the lyrics just shows that even though you may hide away because you think that you are not pretty, that you're shy and all but you're still beautiful no matter what.

It shows me that I shouldn't care what those stupid boys think about me. I should just know that I am beautiful in my own way.

Do you wanna know something?

if you say NO, I will still continue either way XD.

When I was eleven, the year before my acne started kicking in, I wasn't insecure. I was still uneasy because of the whole harrassment thing but other than that, I was extremely happy. After my twelfth birthday everything came crumbling down. My parents divorced, my mom became unhappy and I too become upset with my appearance, due to my acne starting.

But today, I finally realise that I shouldn't give a banana's about their thoughts (those boys)

Soon I will say their names but not right now.

But finally, I feel as if I can be strong, confident and open.

Tonight I am going to tell my tmom for the first time about the harrassment and I know she will understand.

This blog just shows the beginning of me being happy again, and no one can change that.

Its not the end of my blog-journey. Its just the start.

I hope to make MANY friends on here (i only have 9, sad life bruh :( )

thank you, guys :)




Happy, Crazy, Confident Tah.



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Thanks guys :):) everything went well with my mom and hopefully i'm gonna be better soon
Glad to hear some positive feedbacks from you :) Continue to think positive and be your amazing self. Stay strong
I'm very glad that you had a day without getting harassed. I hope this whole thing clears up very soon!
Thank you sm ✨❤
This makes me so happy to see!!! \( ⌒ヮ⌒ )/ Keep up the hard work you're doing, and I hope it goes well telling your mom tonight!!!