Would it be possible?

Hello guys~

I wanted to ask, if there is someone who would be so nice and kind and make a poster for me^^ I'm not asking or requesting in graphic shop now, because the poster wouldn't be for fanfiction but for my original fiction story. Of course, I will give the designer KP for their work. It wouldn't be problem at all! I really beg of you guys!

The problem is, I really wanted to put the poster simple but it looks so terrible, that I can't face myself. That's why I want to ask you guys.

The story wouldn't be here on AFF, but on wattpad, which means, that I always can credit the designer! I promise and I never break my promises.

So if there will be someone so nice and kind, please contact me here or in pm. 

Thank you so much!


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i think i can give it a try, but i'm busy with exams right now- maybe next week? i missed doing stuffs on photoshop, hehe.
fatimakys #2
uh ? i only have pc paint app that i use to draw , i do not know if i can make a poster using it *bow* i am sorry *_*