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Hello everyone. Since I have been challenged by a friend to write about this topic and I am definitely not one to back from this kind of challenges, I have decided to share my LOVE for the BTS Hyung Line with everyone. Actually, I have another friend with whom I obsess about BTS on a constant basis but that's a thing for another time.

This is not to say I don't completely adore the Maknae line, cause I do and they're real bias wreckers ♥♥♥

Before we start...Namjoon, if you're reading this, abort now! Seriously! Stop reading!!!

First stop is Jin. Now, let me tell you that this kid is a real Prince. I know people love to call him Princess and all that but I have always thought he is a Prince all the way. I mean, seriously, if I knew he would be the one to save me, I would act dead or asleep all the time...And regarding his singing abilities, the kid can sing and anyone who tells me he can't is just petty or jealous. I am not only talking about the last album but all their albums in general. Jin is like a bridge because you have this rapping line and the strong maknae vocal line and then Jin who, with this voice, manages to make everything fit together, just like a puzzle. And his dancing might not seem like the best all the times but he is amazing because BTS' choreographies are definitely among the hardest in K-pop and music in general and the fact that he can pull them off and also gracefully at 24 is something close to a miracle. 

Second stop, Namjoon. The first time I saw the kid he had not died his hair blonde yet and I was still hooked. He had so much charisma and his Alpha voice was something really hard not to remember. But then, I started watching their shows and let me tell you that Joon is probably the most contradicting singer in K-pop. He is like the perfect blend of tough, rough, soft and cute. Those dimples are lady killers and not only. And then he is also a walking disaster which makes him even more adorable. I almost forgot to talk about his intelligence. Like are u kidding me? With his brain abilities he could probably join Mensa and I am not joking. What can I say, he is awesome and not afraid of showing it and this is what I love about him

Third stop, my second favorite, Yoongi. He intrigued me from the beginning probably also because I couldn't figure him out. There was so much of him I still had to discover and it's not like I stopped. I remember seeing him on Weekly Idol once and the presenters were kinda making fun of him (I know Doni and Coni so it's not like they didn't do this with everyone) but I could see it affected him. And I understood why. Because he puts so much heart and effort into everything he does. He is a giver and that's one of the reasons why I care so much about this kid. I also love his tsundere personality. But even though he won't ever admit it, he is a total cute pie and Hoseok and him are like the worst combination ever because they make you squeal so hard I swear. Their newest album made me feel so much and I cried also which I never do so I am so damn proud of them. Yoongi is like the perfect combination between shy and outspoken, hard  and soft, mean and kind, tough and cute EVER and EVER. 

Last stop, Hoseokie, my baby. It's hard to write about it because there are so many things I love about him. The thing I hate the most is how underrated he is. This frustrates me to no end and this is also why I will preach my love for him 'till the day I die because he deserves so much love and affection. I have to say with him it was love at first sight. And then I saw his birthday video and I cried with him. This is what made me realize how sensible he was and how much BTS loved him. I know people will argue with me on this but I don't care. I see him as one of the best dancers in Kpop (hell, probably in the world) and the main reason for that is that, for me, dancing is not about the technique but about what that dancer manages to make you feel. Hobi has always managed to make me feel too much with his choreographies but I am not complaining. And then there is his modesty. This kid doesn't even realize how perfect he is and it's so endearing but also sad to see him so fidgety when being appreciated. And then there is his sunshine smile. And his ability to make anyone in BTS happy. I swear in all the videos and gifs I saw him with the other members, there were always laughing, smiling or just content. He can make Yoongi act silly and cute and that's something akin to a miracle. He is also a selfless angel who helps everyone just because that's how he is. There are so many other qualities he has, but for today I will stop here and hope that in the future, he will receive more of the praise and love he clearly is more than worthy of.

The Hyung Line is just as cute as the Maknae Line so just because they are older doesn't mean they still don't need support and appreciation. Hell, they probably need it even more and this what I am doing right now. Spreading my love for them to anyone who wants to listen because this needs to be done more often.

If you want to share your love for any of them or all of them, just drop a comment. Thank you. xoxo

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P.S: How can anyone not LOVE this dorks?

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