all aboard my ship, yall


i ship many ship and ship that exist in my little brain so here we go, i hope we have the same taste
(do comment on what yall think of the pairings!!)


batch #1 ship (i know i'm not the only one here)

sana - wonwoo  ✼ 
sana is bubbly, cute, clumsy and full of air while wonwoo is full of mysteries and deep. ship guaranteed as they both compliment each other. 
nayeon - seungcheol ✼
     both are oldest member of their groups, while one is playful, the other is organized.

jeongyeon - jeonghan ✼
     yeon is chic while han is angelic. if they're together, they'll probably switch gender roles. jeongyeon unclogging the toilet while jeonghan makes the bed and cooks breakfast.

ayeon - youngk
     started shipping them since their duet came out. ayeon looks hotter now than before and damn, she and youngk is so compatible, no words.
dahyun - vernon
    it all started in mbc, then the ship really sails. dahyun is full of energy, total sunshine and summer to the coldy vernon.

tzuyu - mingyu 
     i don't think i have to explain this one. most handsome/pretty and popular member of their groups respectively. also, their height though.

sana - taehyung 
    the clumsy girl, and the goofy boy. put them in a room together and baaam, cavities.

momo - ten
     imagine them dancing together. (then you'll understand why)

tzuyu - jun
    china-line members of their own group. being a minority, i think they could relate to each other. 
mina -
     mina is quiet while dokyeom is super loud and cheerful, literally the happy virus. they're a balance to each other.
chaeyoung - dino
     smol beans but full of charisma.

jihyo - seungkwan
    seungkwan would probably remind jihyo every single day that his vocal is better than hers while jihyo just keeps calm and listen to him, even though she really wants to shut him up. when one day he realises that whatever he was saying was all bull and started to treat jihyo as an equal, then jihyo starts opening up to him (this sounds like a prompt than an explanation....)

momo - hoshi
     honestly, momo might look more mature than hoshi but combine their dancing skills and you have legends.
sana - jungkook 
    cute and full of charms. thank you music bank :) even though sana is older than kookie, age doesn't matter, right?

nayeon - joshua 
     the bunny has a crush on the american hyung. being a gentleman, he would probably send nayeon into thousand shades of pink. and his accented korean though, nayeon loves it.

nayeon - bobby
    the bunny of their respective group. bobby probably spend his whole day trying to get nayeon's attention, while all nayeon thinks is about the american hyung

mina - junhoe
     it's funny because junhoe looks scary and mina is just a fangirl of boygroups, but his deep and unique voice could send mina that fangirling feels.
youngji - jackson 
     jackji is life, jackji is love. "she's my wife!" -wang jackson 2014

nayeon - jinyoung
     shared the same birthday, even though they're only one year apart. they're both full of charms and such a visual.

sana - yuta ✼
     japan line from the same hometown,osaka. dubbed the osaka couple by yours truly. yuta hates girls who act pretty, while sana can't even act pretty, she'll end up being super cute after trying to do that (watch isac omg). if yuta is to bring sana to an amusement park, she'll probably drag him everywhere, trying on every single rides.

jihyo - doyoung 
     vocalssssssss, their harmony is super good.
suzy- myungsoo
    i don't think i need to explain this. visuals. the whole world ships them.

suzy - sehun 
     they both look too good together asdfghjkl and they're themaknaes of their own group. if suzy made a mess, sehun would calmly clean up after her, like in the kitchen. 

suzy - baekhyun
     super harmonious and super playful. baekhyun might be playing the roles of the 'must-be-protected' while suzy plays as the knight, but in the end, they'll protect each other. 
z.hera -
     seriously though they really have good chemistry together, gotta thank moon lovers.
mina -
    both are super quiet, and really reserved. but because of their silence, it was comfortable.

dahyun - jb
     started shipping them since stop stop it, and i swear, i couldn't get enough of them. 

ayeon - seunghoon
     watch kpop star and you'll know why!! 
dahyun - eunwoo

     dahyun volunteers to teach eunwoo to be the bro and they become bros together. dahyun would probably do a headlock on eunwoo hahahhahahah



batch #2 aka crackship (super crack)

sana - suho ✼ (sweet mother of god, i don't know why i ship them hard, despite the age gap)
sana - the8
nayeon - dokyeom
sana - woozi 
sana - mingyu
suzy - jhope
mina - jin
jia - tao
sana - hoshi



✼ = eternal favourite


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