Random hunger games #1

So after the ultimate bias and Boys24 one, I wanted to do a pretty hilarious one with a random cast, a mix of kpop idols, youtubers, random people and more! And I never have enough with only one hunger games so I'll do a lot of them and let's just say, everyone except the winner gets revived to go through hell again. This one was the first with a smaller cast than the other ones, and I did it on mobile so it will look a bit different. Enjoy!

What an amazing cast, really. Also, Kelly and Donna are my friends and I thought it would be fun to add them, and Zico is Kelly's little kitty.

I'm already laughing because of the derps

That was probably Amber's face

You'll see some things returning in screenshots in a row but that's only because it was on mobile, with the other editions it will be better.

Oh Wendy's face says it all

Taewoon, that lady loves your brother, don't fight her. Yeah you better retreat. Stay away from my Kelly

Oh no it's the first death! Oh Solbin...

Gunwoo why. Did the phone tell you?

OH NO IT'S DONALD TRUMP!! Donald Trump just killed Satan... Seems legit

I expected Lauren to do something different though, she surely wants revenge after being killed by a goat on the first day in her own.

Taewoon questioning his sanity... Seems legit

The two first deaths, poor little squishies

Trump I hope you're not going to win. Krystal got herself a harem though, nice

That sponsor for Donna was probably me.

Jackson's going to put everything on fire, guys. Oh god LAUREN WHYYYYYYY

Bambam, really? Omg Wendy got herself an even better harem

The maknaes are on the move, everyone watch out

Totally what I would expect of Hui

Now I know why Lauren killed Kelly, she wants THE CAT


The hunger games just lost a lot of its sass

That's how it is right now. District 12 has to depend on their youtubers, I think they're not going to make it.

Jezus is dead, what is this world coming to. Yano and B-joo together seems legit because T O DOUBLE P D O DOUBLE G TOPP DOGG!!! No no no no no no Amber NO

Nothing much is happening


Cat haters

And of course Jackson dies in a dumb way

Wait I totally forgot Taewoon died NOOOOOOOOO

Come on B-booty, you can do it! Hobi, DK, Gunwoo and Xiaozhu too! District 8 tho

Omg Donna is with one of her ultimate biases... She was freaking out when I showed her this

Oh my god MARKIPLIER??

Oh come on Hoseok, are you serious? Jay, are you serious?????

My youtubers are falling like autumn leaves... YAS KWANGSOO KILLED TRUMP YAAAAAAAASSS

B-joo omg nooooooooo Gunwoo you're really stupid though

My three favourite youtubers are suddenly all gone, nice. BUT TRUMP IS DEAD LET'S CELEBRATE

Of course Hobi is still innocent

Dat booty

Donna's probably admiring the picture of dead Bjoo that was projected against the arena ceiling

B-bomb nooooooo don't do that

Donna again! Should I stay away from her from now on?

My favourite derp just died. Yanoyanoyanoyanoyano

4 kills for Donna oh my god

District 1, the girl district is really agressive and seeking for victory. B-bomb though, I laughed so hard

Omg Donna and Hobi fight??? How can that be! Omg Markiplier that's sad, but then I imagine his funny crying face and laugh...

Oh god Minhyuk is on a roll

Youtuber team ELIMINATED

Half of the people left are district 1

Kwangsoo, you just talked to Donna the last night? Oh god Sojin... Yeah DK I'm rooting for you now

I could already see it coming, nothing is going to happen for like a day probably

My girl Donna ;;;;

Only 4 to go, and Sojin is the most dangerous

Sojin forever alone

Yeah Sojin I wouldn't kill one of my district either


It has been decided, district 1 was so close


The Trump killer deserves to win of course

The placements

So Kwangsoo ended up getting 4 kills too!


That's the end of the first random hunger games! Next time it will be a bigger cast! And since Kwangsoo won, he'll be the first to be excluded and replaced too. He's lucky, he only had to go through this hell once. Everyone here will be revived.


Hope you liked it!

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