The End (?) Of Monday Couple


I casually sat down after I woke up, yawning. Immediately checked my SNS. The first posts I saw was from Soompi and allkpop. The articles were cool, drama offers, photo shoots, upcoming comebacks and good news.

Until there was one post that stunned me and almost made me fall out of my seat.

Gary confirmed to be leaving 'Running Man'.

I was speechless for a good five seconds. As a former Running Man fan, I was surprised and stunned by the sudden news. The first person I thought when I saw this was Song Ji Hyo. Sadness crept inside me and it probably was a bad start of my day.

In the early 2014, when I started seeing k-pop and k-dramas, Running Man most likely caught my eye. They were the most creative and sophisticated variety show. Every episode was like gold, the members complement each other very well. The attitudes and personality and relationship of the members is what makes Running Man, Running Man. 

Every episode is nothing without some gags of Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Kwang Soo. Or even a fight or argument of Kwang Soo and Jong Kook. With HaHa and Suk Jin, the Betrayers Club. The funny PD's and VJ's also highlight one episode. But the one that caught my eye was the Monday Couple.

They aren't your typical Romeo and Juliet or Brangelina. They aren't those cliché lovelines and cheesy ones. They were unique. They may be different, but I assure you they are perfect. Gary may not have the looks, but he has the brains, skills and charms to impress Ji Hyo. Ji Hyo may not be the best, but she's the Ace and sometimes makes Gary's heart flutter. They somehow have that light to make viewers feel giddy of their loveline and that's what makes Monday Couple, Monday Couple.

And you may ask, "Why is their ship called the Monday Couple?" Because the taping of RM is always Monday and it is during Monday when Ji Hyo shows affection to Gary. Unique and unusual.

Even though the news of Gary's departure from the show saddens us, they still have a 300+ episodes of memories together that cannot be erased. And maybe one day, they will still unite with the RM members and also, Ji Hyo.

It will never be the end of Monday Couple. Maybe, just maybe, the two of them will be together in the end. Indeed, Running Man and Monday Couple will never be the same again.

And let's just support them and their individual activities. 

I mean, maybe Gary will come back and steal Ji Hyo's heart not only on Mondays but also during the others? What could happen?

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