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An update about my life.

I have been working since June. Got hired on the same day as my birthday. I was nervous and excited in the beginning. Everything felt so new, so surreal that I had this job. But now it seemed like it's becoming a lot more stressful than I thought. It's crazy. You meet people that you'd get attach with, people that would put you down, people that'll make you stronger. My job is so way out of my league that I am still having a hard time even after three months. But I kept on working, working, working and working no matter what. I kept a good record like a good student would at class. That while my workmates would go ahead and take an unapproved leave even for such petty excuses, I was there always present, never failing in attendance. Look at me, I even go to my shifts two hours earlier than my call time. And then the people I'd do negotiations with will just either curse at my ear, call me names, didn't even say thank you for the assistance I gave them. I don't understand why it was such a big deal to me that they at least appreciate me, but it was not like you work just to earn. I don't work like a robot. I work and keep my values in check. But those people didn't know how to value the job we do.

Anyway, enough with the drama. I was stressed out, but my supervisor was such a nice lady. She always asked me if I was okay, always listened to all my measly complaints and struggles at work or life, she kept me close to her--wanting me to open up. I am not the type of person to easily tell stories to my boss or teachers like we were just of the same age and that we were friends. But she just made me feel like I was not alone that I tried taking her advice. She said that I should not drown in work and maybe all I needed to improve in my life and work balance was to make every two-day off count. She told me: 'why don't you do something you haven't done before?' and i was like 'right' at the back of my mind. I used to want to do that after reading some inspiring articles when I was at my lowest point but I think I just forgot it after having this job. Crazy, right?

So here I was, writing this down after pampering myself after a long time. I had not treated myself well, I think. It was just today that I was not hard on myself. And though I spent a couples of bills to make myself happier, I do geniunely feel better about myself and my life.

Now, my next goal is to have plans, straighten out my life goals.

I hope you are all doing good :)

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