My 4th weekend was hella rad. hbu? (aka. RTX! RTX! RTX!)

face-shaming a friend with Geoff Ramsey at Theater Mode Live!


Met (l-r) Achievement Hunter and voice actor Michael Jones, and Achievement Hunter Ryan Haywood


(l-r) Achievement Hunter and rapper Jeremy Dooley, and story writer for RWBY, RvB, and Camp Camp - Kerry Shawcross!


(l-r) Achievement Hunter and Slow Mo Guy Gavin Free, and his lovely girlfriend the amazing cosplay queen Meg Turney!


Co-founder of Rooster Teeth and Amazing Racer Burnie Burns!


and the coolest family ever!

Griffon Ramsey - chainsaw artist

Millie Ramsey - Dreamworks TV MasterMine host

Geoff Ramsey - Co-founder of Rooster Teeth and founding Achievement Hunter


my babes <3

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