Perks (?) Of Being an International I GOT7

Being an international I GOT7 is hard, am I right? When you don't get the chance to meet your idols and such because you stan a group from another country is..freaking hard. You sometimes feel like . 

And I have some experiences I've gone through for the last few weeks ever since I entered the wonderful world of GOT7 and I know you experience this as an international fan.

1.) Watching with subtitles. Like, what the hell? How am I supposed to know what are they even saying? You search through the bits and pieces of internet to find the video with subtitles. And even sometimes, you just watch the raw video because you have no choice.

P.S Can we just take a moment to appreciate JYP for putting subtitles in Real GOT7, GOT7ing, and their music videos? God bless their souls.

2.) Buying merchandise. In some countries, kpop merchandise depends on how famous your band is. They don't have your desired band, it means that your band is somehow.. Anyways, you could only buy merchandise if you go to a KCON in your country (if you have). Or if ever you run into a store.

Tip: If you run through a store and they have the merchandise. BUY IT RIGHT AWAY I TELL YOU.

P.S I have something to share with you at the end of my blog.

3.) Concerts and Tours. Imagine your band going to your country and having a concert. Grab the opportunity! Go and have the time of your life. (Unlike me, GOT7 had a concert here last November and my timing! I became and Ahgase a month ago!) You band visits once in a lifetime, why waste the opportunity? Maybe you could get the hi-touch!

P.S I know some fans were not able to attend the concert (like #TeamBahay all the way.) But next time, when GOT7 holds a concert in the Philippines, I hope all of the PH ahgases will come and have the time of their lives.


So that's it. I hope you enjoy this blog of mine even though I at it. And I would like to interact with some fellow Ahgases maybe?

As I said, I am going to tell you this experience I had. It happened yesterday. I'm sharing this bec I hope this can happen to you too.

I have a cousin in L.A that I discovered that she's a fellow Ahgase. She started liking the boys at Just Right era. She asked me about who's my bias (Junior) and what's my favorite album and such. We talked like fangirls. Her bias is Mark AND HOLY SHE KNOWS WHERE THE TUANS LIVE IN L.A. And she's going to Fly In L.A concert and she got the hi-touch! (This convo of ours happened a month ago.)

Then my other cousin (her sister) handed me a bag yesterday. I was curious what was in it, so I opened it immediately. My eyes widened and I clenched my fist.


I immediately knew who gave it and chatted her. I said thank you like a million times. I was so glad. I asked how did it got here, and she told me that her mom arrived and gave it to her other sister and gave it to me. So I thanked her again.

Her other sister is going to U.S in August and I'm planning to give her something or even a little bit of Philippines as expressing my gratitude.

Shoutout to: Ate Ica!! Thank you so much!! And don't worry, I'll return the favor soon.

And to my readers, I wish this kind of situation would happen to you too. And continue to love GOT7 despite of the disadvantages. 

Regards to all the Ahgases. 

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