f(x) freak out...and she's OUT??? EXO exodus?!?!

Okay, I am crazy...and I'm GOOD with it!!! I am a safe crazy...a fun crazy........til you with my loved ones, but that is another story for another blog. But I ramble...I know that I am very, VERY behind on the doings of my favorite groups, like EXO and f(x). Please, SOMEBODY update me...tell me if I am wrong. I know that Sulli left f(x) and Kris and Tao left EXO (in body and performance value, but they will ALWAYS be members of those groups in my heart....ALWAYS be family!!!) Did Victoria of f(x) and Luhan EXO/EXO-K leave as well?? Yes, like I told you, I am behind and my usual person who gives me info no longer does. ALSO, can someone give me a place where I *CAN* stay current with the workings of my favorite groups?? Thank you very much!!!

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