I was just .... bored and decided to write a blog post :)

So yeah I dunno 'bout you guys but here in Finland it's Spring. " finally " 

But guys

I'm not ready for this. I'm not ready to confront my biggest fears...BuGs...... T^T I HATE BUGS AND I'M NOT GONNA EVEN TELL WHY OK

but then I remembered, Spring means school is almost over
then it'll be  S U M M E R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay the hell it's still two and a half month...
bUT ANYGAYS I don't like summer, but summer means HELLA LONG VACATION!!!!!!! 
and our holiday that lasts for 2,5 months means I WILL BE WRITING MORE YAY OR NEY

Yeah so ok I wanna give you a spoiler

I will! Probably! Update! A! New! HanHun! Top!Luhan!!!!!!


like sheesh Karina try writing a bit less hanhun or at least finish your Only Us...

hmm das alll k bye

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