Hey you!


What are you doing?

It's thursday night at my place and I'm bored.

I have stories to finish, but I don't want to write when I feel like how I feel now, bored, I think the story doesn't develop well.  

I wanted to click a friend of mine to chat, but then I realised we have nothing to talk about, I would like to chat about kpop, boys (korean boys ddd xD), bromance, , manga, ... and such things, but none of my friends even know just how much i like those things, they just know I listend to kpop, but that's all, they don't know the fll picture, I think it would be too much for their poor hearts xD

Did you watch any funny yt video of your fav band that was just totally hot or simply funny as hell?

Did you read any good manga that you think more people should read?

Have you read an amazing fic, that you still can't get over and think it desreves more views?

Have you cried your feels out over a korean drama?

Please comment down below and let me know :D I feel I'm totally behind of the rest of the K-world :P

Please guys, let's all be friends xD :D :)

*hugs for everyone* 

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