Song Recommendations??

So I’m new to AOMG and Illionaire and I only know the names and faces of a couple of artist and Jay Park. I was wondering if someone could recommend a list of songs similar to Jay’s You Know and Mommae because I really want to get into the artists (especially Beenzino) but I don’t know where to start!


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Please please YOU NEED to look into Loco's dicografy, especialy his álbum LOCOMOTIVE
Oh my god, my skills can finally come in handy.
There's Simon D's song Simon Dominic
Jay Park - In this
Cheetah - Crazy Diamond (Don't know how you feel about girls)
Beenzino - Profile as well as the song 미쳤어.
Giriboy - 선수 or his new song hogu
There's more, but yeah...happy finding
Second Jay Park's Solo. He also featured on a song called Thinking of you. Cannot recall main artist but it was a jam
for jay park my personal favorites are 'my last' and 'solo'
if you want something similar to jay's 'you know' then check out dean, if you haven't already heh;;especially 'pour up' and also 'i'm not sorry'
also you might like jooyoung's 'wet' ; crush 'oasis' ; all of zico's songs really
i also recommend other aomg artists' songs like gray's 'dangerous' 'just do it' and loco's 'thinking about you' 'no manners' 'you don't know'
personally my favorite song by beenzino is 'relation' although it's not that well known; other good ones i like are 'nike shoes' 'profile' 'boogie on and on' 'up all night'
by illionaire i like 'don't front' 'we here 2' and 'go'
sjkdflsdl idk not sure if you'll like this list and you probably know some of the songs already; but hope this helped a little ahaha