Questions for Writers

I'm back with yet another set of questions! Thanks to shesamytheu for tagging! ^^

Describe your comfort zone—a “typical you” fic.

I’m more on the romantic side, although angst could possibly be one of my habitual writing style as well.


Is there a trope you’ve yet to try your hand at, but really want to?

I’ve wanted to do comedy, adventure and more action/mystery as well. Growing up, I’ve read a lot of Agatha Christie as well as Sherlock Holmes so I hope to try a detective mystery.


Is there a trope you wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole?

IdolxIdol, and yuri. I know the latter two is extremely popular especially but I really am not into it. I could possibly read some, but writing it, I don’t think so?

About idol pairings, I know some are really popular but I find it limits the way I can characterise the character. We’ve all already have a somehow fixed set of perception to the idols; examples include Kyungsoo as a nice, quiet type of character compared to a crazy prankster like Baek’s type of characterisation or Amber as a funky and awesome tomboy-ish sort of girl as opposed to Yoona’s feminine and sweet side. I know not all of us think this way, but generally this is how a majority see them as.

Being female, I obviously prefer writing about my male idol bias even though I love most girl groups as well. So I only like to do idol with an OC. In future, I do have plans to make a Female Idol with an OC, so if any of you have suggestions on who the female idol could be give me a heads up. ^^


How many fic ideas are you nurturing right now?  Care to share one of them?

I have a new idea which I’ve discussed with a dear friend of mine. Nothing of it is released yet, but it’s going to be fun, flirty and totally y. Not Rated M for , but maybe on the ual jokes? The tentative title is The Matchmaker, and the Exo member is undetermined. Once I finish Suho’s and Sehun’s fic I might put up a description for it. Or it could be earlier, depending on how fast the idea for it flows ^^


Share one of your strengths.

Romance? Hahahaha I dunno. A reader once said I have a flair for angst, and looking at my highest subscribed story it definitely is angsty…so there is some truth there? Hahahaha


Share one of your weaknesses.

Romanised Korean. If you read most of the stories, I try to not use it as much as possible. I think I’ve only used it once, in my first story which was Chen’s. And it was only in one chapter, and mentioned only once. 

I also tend to overthink. I mentioned this before in the first blog I think, I go crazy making sure the details in the story is correct. Whether that plant can grow in Korea, how far does it take from Daegu to Seoul, surfing beaches in Korea, historical spots in China, etc.  Because I search it up too much, I spend more time researching than actually writing.


Share a snippet from one of your favourite pieces of prose you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.

 This is a very hard one. But as I read this some scenes pop out, so I re-read those scenes and picked the best out of the lot. 


The setting sun covered the beach and the film of water with blazing red in all directions, so that they might have been standing in a fire. It drenched them with its mysterious violent light.

Yixing looked at her, smiling, and she braced herself, knowing that this was exactly the right moment for a skilled charmer to kiss her, and that he, who clearly knew all the moves, would be bound to make this one. But then she saw that there was something awkward, almost shy, about his smile. While she was trying to puzzle it out, he raised her hand and rubbed the back of it against his cheek.

She stared, too dumbfounded to react. According to the script he should have kissed her, and if he’d done so she would have known how to ‘place’ him. But the closest he came was to press his lips gently where his cheek had touched a moment earlier. And when she met his eyes she saw that he was as disconcerted as she.

The next moment the light changed. Something brilliant faded. And it was over.

Chapter 3 of Sonnet 43


I really liked this one, in the sense that as I was typing it out, I could see the shift. I could feel the moment where the lust & attraction changed into something more and I’d like to think that this is when the characters started to really fall in love with each other even if they didn’t know that they were.


Share a snippet from one of your favourite dialogue scenes you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.


‘Do you hear that?’ she murmured.

‘It’s only the clock. Ignore it.’

‘I can’t. It’s striking midnight. Time for Cinderella to go.’

‘Why are you laughing?’ he asked, feeling her shaking in his arms.

‘I’m laughing at myself,’ she said with a touch of hysteria. ‘Oh, heavens! I should have remembered that midnight always comes. Sensible Hwayoung isn’t always so sensible after all.’

‘I’m glad of that,’ he said huskily.

 ‘It’s time we went home,’ she whispered. ‘The ball’s over.’

‘But you’ve left me a glass slipper, right?’

She shook her head. ‘More like an army trainer. Nurse Bossy-Boots is back in charge.’

His smile was as sad as her own as they walked together back through the small, winding streets.


Chapter 10 of Fighting the Ghost

I really loved this story, and I actually didn’t understand why it doesn’t have as many subscribers as the rest. Granted, I published this at the wrong timing as Tao was in the middle of the whole leaving Exo mess so that could also be the reason why no one wanted to try it much. By the time it settled down a bit the story was coming to an end and because I never did try to advertise any of my stories much that’s why it’s not getting many readers.

That said, I can’t place the blame on circumstances itself as that will be like me making excuses for my own writing. Perhaps the plot was cliché and the description boring hence not many were interested.

It’s not that I’m proud of this; it just struck me at the core. I wrote this feeling exactly like Hwayoung. To go back to reality while wishing so much that the moment could last. Although the last sentence wasn’t a dialogue, it echoed my feelings and that’s why this piece is what I remembered the most and still stir up some nostalgia.


Which fic has been the hardest to write?

Honestly? For Our Children’s Sake where Suho is the main lead. I had that great plot but writing it was pretty tough. I’m not a mother myself nor am I married, so I had to really think about how it would feel if I was in their situation.  

I also enjoy updating this story the most because it has a lot of comments! So even though it was difficult, reading and replying to the comments really motivated me to continue writing it, and here I am, with, if I’m not mistaken, one or two more chapters of the story left.


Which fic has been the easiest to write?

Not to say it was easy, but Husband Material was a fun, flirty kind of story. I wasn’t thinking too hard about it and I really had a great time just scribbling out the details.


Is writing your passion or just a fun hobby?

It’s an escape. I’m dealing with some problems and writing helps me to let go emotionally. Probably why I love angst so much…


Is there an episode above all others that inspire you just a little bit more?

Music. Sometimes, I listen to a certain music and the muddled out phrase in my head managed to sort itself out and turn into a prose I could use in some stories.


What’s the best writing advice you’ve ever come across?

Hmmmm, probably to work on my pacing. I have a comment saying I rush things a bit and that my vocabulary is a bit old.

I also have a very good and effective review from shesamytheu for Chen’s story where she said I could improve on my resolution and ending. Very true, and I do think I like to rush and finish it too quickly for my own good hahaha! 


What’s the worst writing advice you’ve ever come across?

None that I could think of.  


If you could choose one of your fics to be filmed, which would you choose?

I’d like to see Worth the Risk, where Minseok is the lead to be filmed. It can raise a lot of awareness about the horrible nature of this acid attackers and the negative impact it has towards the victim and her family.


 If you could only write one pairing for the rest of your life, which pairing would it be?


Just a notice, I am not some religious prick who condemns LGBT or anything. I have friends who swing that way. I just don’t really like to write them.


Do you write your story from start to finish, or do you write the scenes out of order?

Before I start I already have an end. Say, in this case I’ll make an example out of What He Left Behind, where Kai is the main.

I knew I wanted the beginning to be Kai riding a Harley into his hometown. The ending was definitely pre-planned as well. It was in the middle that I had trouble with because I had intended it to be a short story, so I did some flashbacks and more character thoughts. Surprisingly, it turned out fine~


Do you use any tools, like worksheets or outlines?



Stephen King once said that his muse is a man who lives in the basement.  Do you have a muse?

I don’t have a muse. It just seems so superficial if I say I owe my writing inspirations on one person. Most of the time, it’s a thing. A music, the scenery and sometimes it’s this build-up of feelings in my chest that makes my fingers grab a pen and scribble on a piece of paper. It’s really weird, but beautiful at the same time.


Describe your perfect writing conditions.

Feeling. Music and food is also very important!


How many times do you usually revise your fic/chapter before posting?

Infinite number of times. To the point I could probably memorise it already.


Choose a passage from one of your earlier fics and edit it into your current writing style?

 Is it pretty vain of me if I say I wouldn’t change anything that I did from before?


If you were to revise one of your older fics from start to finish, which would it be and why?

I know I wouldn’t, but if forced to I will revise The Slave Auction. Maybe include more funny scenes and moments to actually see the romantic growth of the characters.


Have you ever deleted one of your published fics?

None so far.


What do you look for in a beta?

Someone who can put up with my crazy OCD. When I’m doing college essays I had someone proof read it to me and he was a senior and more talented than me. But after he was done I still checked it more than five times.  ^.^” 


Do you beta yourself?  If so, what kind of beta are you?

I don’t think I can stand it. What if the author got offended when I keep pointing out different ways and all that? I might lose a friend like that…


How do you feel about collaborations?

Two reasons why I won’t. First, my OCD tendencies will offend the person I’m collaborating with. Second, I’m already so busy with my own fics, so I definitely am not keen to collab with anyone. I can give tips and help with sentence structures and whatnot, just nothing official.


Share three of your favourite fic writers and why you like them so much.

Korekrypta – Her plots are very, very fascinating. And she can write comedy, action, fantasy and even romance. She’s probably the JK Rowling of AFF to me.

dbskgirl4ever – She made me want to write for this site really. My Crazy Hot Aliens was one of my first favourites on this site, and I am absolutely devastated that she had to take it down due to plagiarism.

Tenka- – The Legends series was utterly awesome! It was an entire series for almost all twelve of Exo’s members and I love love love it! Unfortunately, it was another series that was taken down thanks to plagiarism.

Honourable Mentions:  taelighted & loviet 


If you could write the sequel (or prequel) to any fic out there not written by yourself, which would you choose?

There was this story recommended to me by a friend It’s called What are Words by fantasydesire. I loved that story, and technically it already has an epilogue and all. I’d want to try write out more fluffy moments after the epilogue!


Do you accept prompts?

Sorry, but no I don’t.


Do you take liberty with canon or are you very strict about your fic being canon compliant?

As long as the details can be sorted out logically and accurately I’m ok with anything.


How do you feel about ?

Reading is fine, writing not so.


How do you feel about crack?

It’s a good stress relief and I applaud the writers for managing to create such fantastic ones.


What are your thoughts on non-con and dub-con.

I don’t judged them. I have scrolled through and read some for research, pretty interesting actually. I know some have the negative perception that it’s just , but not all are like that.


Would you ever kill off a canon character?

If it’s necessary for the plot I would.


Which is your favourite site to post fics?

I’ve only posted on AFF and fictionpress.


Talk about your current WIPs.  

FOCS: Two more chapters left and one is half done at the moment. It’s my personal best, in my opinion, because it elicited various responses from readers. People actually comment with every update so I felt this was my most successful story so far.

Sonnet 43: Something new. First story with an older OC and a faster relationship progress. Fast as in they have taken it to the next level pretty quickly. Also, this is a prequel of sorts to Tao’s story, so if you really hate spoilers read this first before reading Tao’s.

Vigilante: First action story!! Admittedly, this is a trial story. Short chapters and very straightforward. I’ve written most of it, and will post updates twice a week or something….

HPOD: New story! I just posted the first chapter yesterday! So far I’ve only got one comment, but it is a positive one. This one is gonna be flirty and maybe a touch of y? I really don’t want to write but we shall see. If I think it’s necessary I might put it up. I love the main girl though, she’s sassy and awesome~~~~


Talk about a review that made your day.

No reviews yet. I’ve got a wonderful comment about Chen’s story by shesamytheu, but no official reviews.


Do you ever get rude reviews and how do you deal with them?

None, but if there are I’d probably ask why they hated it so much.


Write an alternative ending to [a fic of yours] (or just the summary of one).

The door banged open and one of the nurses from the night shift rushed in. "There are some complications with your baby and the doctor wants to see you now!”

Last Chapter of For Our Baby

But I am not that cruel. I LOVE happy ending too much really.

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