I know I haven't been updating any of my incomplete fics lately, for that, I am very sorry. But school/graduating/studies is so important to me right now, I can't fool around when I am in my final year/semester. I hope you guys understand.

Apart from that, EXO is finally coming to North America and I am very excited to see the boys again. This will be my first time attending their solo concert too.

Of course, fan support is very important, we want to make it special and memorable for the boys. And lucky me, I get to spend Valentine's Day with EXO.

To fund this fan support, we came up with this idea and I hope you guys are able to help us! ;u; Check out the details below:

The photos used for the photocards are unreleased photos taken by fans/fansite masters and the fanarts are drawn by an amazing fan/friend of mine! If you would like to order them, the order form: https://form.jotform.com/60191165593154 !

We won't be charging shipping fees, sadly, this is for North America only.

If you're not from NA, but still want to help, you can donate through paypal @ [email protected] . Even $1 makes a difference! We need all the help we can get. All donations will be put into making the banners-- which will be given to EXO-L's (attending the concert) for free!

Thank you for taking your time to read this ;u; Please help spread the words too!


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