So.. I really really hope that my bosses in the shops I'm working in will eventually read this.


I'm so sorry I'm not working anymore.. and have some difficulties right now. I don't know.. I mean, i should be messaging you guys personally but i dont have time to do so. 


I barely log in my aff acc too..


Oh gawd.. I'm so sorry about this. I'm so rude right now..


//sigh// please forgive my sin..


I'll try online other day, using my own phone and text you guys personally.. or smtg..


I'm sorry once again //bow 90°//


I'm practically done with my life anyway. I don't want any haters because I'm so rude and MIA so sudden.. oh God.. it hard to make friends yet so easy to make enemies..


 Help my poor soul..


I love you guys~ //throw Biasses//


Oh wait.. //pick up V// sorry. I'm taking V.. bye~~ 

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