Author Tag: HaleyYesul

1. Are you a boy or girl?                       

Full fledged woman baby :P


2. What is your uality?
Panual. And in case your wondering...skillets are my prefered cookware XD


3. What race are you?
Ima whitey

4. What story gotten you into AFF?
I can't remember D: It was so long ago...

5. Which story do you enjoy writing the most?
Misinterpreted Love

It got the most feedback as well.

6. Who introduced you to the site?
I think I was actually looking for a place to really find good asian fanfics and this popped up lol

7. Who is your ultimate bias?
Onew is bae <333


8. Do you think people will actually read this?
I believe a few might


9. What genre type do you think you are best at writing?
and angst

10. What is your favorite fanfiction of all time?
I See Fire

I liked then theme a lot

11. Do you have any spoilers you'd like to tell your readers?
Noooo spoilers lol

12. What do you want to say to your readers?
I love ya'll so much <3


13. Though it's rare for an author to reveal one's face... can you do it?



14. Random question but, what is your sign?


15. Age?


16. Your name? You don't have to reveal your name if you want to, but if you aren't willing, write N/A.
Haley lol


17. Do you know other languages besides your mother one?
I do not but I am minoring in spanish in college

18. Your favorite song?
Jay Park's Mommae has been conqeuring my hear lately

19. Your favorite MUSIC VIDEO?
JYP's whose your mama has got me pretty good right now


20. Any small Girlcrush? Or Mancrush?
I already told you Onew is bae but Hyuna got me good too.


21. Least favorite fanfic genre?
If it's straight I don't want it lol


22. Favorite person on Asian Fan Fics?

Because she my bestie in real life lol

23. What kpop idol do you look up to?


24. Which K-pop group merchandise do you really wish to have?
SHINee because my bae is part of them


25. What is your goal at the moment?
I wish to update on AFF more and focus on school lol


26. Last question for you dear AFF authors. If you were to ever hit the gold star, what would you do?
I would love you guise so much

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