NT's Favourites

This could be long, take a seat.

This is the complete roster of threads Nefelibata (Me, Jay) specially like. This will be updated as regularly as possible, but for now this is it. There's literally so many threads, this felt like school work. Threads who haven't updated in the year 2015 will be marked inactive, those who haven't updated three months back from this month will be marked semi-active. (Updated: June 05, 2015)

∞ Layout Paradise ∞ 【 active, revamping 】 — Partners in crime, An absolute A+ recommendation not because I maybe sort of work there, but you know. They're great.

★  www.to-you-from-heaven.com 【 inactive, ?? 】 — Admiration for coder dates way, way back. It's impossible to lose respect to someone who's helped encourage you to code.

★  OPHELIAC 。 【 inactive, closed 】 — If you've seen my comments dating way back when, you'd know how much I admired this thread, I was borderline obsessive. They always released out-of-the-box layouts and they're amazing. Although inactive, you should definitely check out their works.

★  vanillery 【 inactive, closed 】 — This thread is just cute, I don't even know how else to explain it but they also released pretty nifty layouts that kind of break the boundaries AFF had back then.

★  EDELWEISS themes 【 active 】 — I don't even like this thread, I don't know why I'm putting this up cause Dee is a dingus. Don't check this thread out, it's not worth it. Trust me she is Lucifer.

REMEMBER ME layouts 【 inactive, don't know what this girl is doing 】 — A thread that does layouts. That pretty much sums this up. The owner cosplays, and likes wigs and we're gonna meet up around June so I can make her life less boring.

♡ F A I X A ♡ 【 inactive, ?? 】 — A cute thread, They haven't posted an official psa regarding their activity but I used to comment a lot on this thread, most of the time to express how cute their layouts are. They're pretty cute. It's maddeningly cute.

ALDAY n' lux 【 inactive, ?? 】 — The owner's pretty cute and I'm constantly honored to be their sort of source of inspiration cause I and I really don't know what I'm doing but I'm glad this thread exists to let me know I'm doing alright. No specific activity going on, but you won't regret it when they update.

春夏秋冬。SEASONS 【 inactive, ?? 】 — No official psa regarding their activity, so it's quite inactive at the moment. However, I remember checking the thread out regularly because they changed their theme every month to follow a magazine effect. It was really cool and innovative.

Wild Temptation 【 active 】 — I think they're a bit more active on their RPR branch, so go check them out there. They release really cool layouts, predominantly roleplay based ones, ergo, if you're looking for good roleplay profile themes they're the go to place. Hands down.

★  Cerulean Themes 【 active 】 — One of the most popular threads out there whose popularity spiked up in an absurd incline. Reflectively, they release amazing themes and you should definitely, if you haven't, check them out. There's no hit or miss with this thread since everything is just astoundingly good. I don't even know what is going on. They're so good.

COM: City of Merchandise 【 inactive, ?? 】 — They haven't updated for a while but their theme's aesthetic is definitely right up my league. It's so pleasing to look at, so clean that you should definitely check this thread out. They deserve more recognition.

✳ NYAN OHO 【 inactive, ?? 】 — Make sure to check this thread out through AFF's Old Layout, it's insane how cute it look and how creative it is. They haven't posted any layouts, but they're still definitely a place you guys should keep an eye out for. The talent emanating from this thread is intense.

HONEYWORKS 【 active 】 — If you're looking for tutorials, this place is a good place to check out. They break down steps to make it for those learning to understand code.

[!] Threads below don't have briefings because I'm not familiar enough with them, but they all make clean and amazing layouts. So do check them out.

《 élan。 【 active 】
NTHK 。 【 active 】
CHRYSALIS 【 active 】
*CODE:BREAKER 【 active 】
DAYDREAMER 【 active 】
THE “ 밤 ” OUT 【 active 】
+ NOHISTORY 。 【 active 】
お茶 ☇ tea。 【 active 】
★  district-two 2.0 【 active 】
+ CARBONATE layouts 【 active 】
CONTEMPORARY!designs 【 active 】
#nythemes 【 semi-active 】
Midnight Reverie 【 semi-active 】
the headlines 【 inactive 】
THE PRESTIGE 【 inactive 】
Jump! 【 inactive 】
❝ ( 깨알 ) PLAYER LAYOUTS 【 inactive 】
somniloquy layouts。 【 inactive 】
✯ETHEREAL 【 inactive 】

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