appology in Advance

So I was talking to a friend that I will be visting in the summer and when she said that she would go to back to told me "see you in 43 days!!"

Oh , that fast already?! and now my boyfriend is the same. "Ahhh~~ in a little bit we will be together for 3 month in a little bit"

AHhh! I forgot! summer is just around the corner. I have been busy with work and such I have not realised it! And now I get a bit worry.

My plan is that in the summer I will be in Korea (again) but this time for almost 3 months!! AAHH (ya jelly?) anyways I will be busy!!! I dont know if I can write. I really just took the entire summer to travel. I have no free day. But I will staying with my boyfriend's parents house so I have be on tipy tose!!

I reallyy dont know when I can write, I just know that I will mess it all up and update like one a mouth and maybe less. I already feel guilty......


I'm so sorry.... I here by promise tht I will try to get at least 3 updates during july to sept.... I promise. promise!!


(Are any of you potatos going traveling? I want to know~~) (Told to me... I'm very lonely XD)




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