why am i so moody DX

Seriously.. ignore me if you want.. 

I'm feeling down for don't know why either.. I was fine all these while but suddenly when i wake up this morning i just feel so .. weird.. 

Like there's an empty hole in my chest.. like something isn't going right.. i tried thinking about some happy stuff but i ended up thinking all negative DX 

I feel like crying (But i'm not crying, just had the feeling to -.- ), for what? i don't know either.. 


like things done but not being appreciated..

words said but not being understood..

actions being misinterpreted..


Anyway those are just random thought i had..

Everything seems fine in life just that i have been real busy recently .. 

i'm going insane soon DX with all the emptiness i'm feeling T.T 


What's wrong with me and my serious moodswing T.T 

Any one of you sweeties know what to do ? 

or any fics to intro to me to get this nonsense off my mine ? DX 



forgive me for my nonsense tooo T^T


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me_always1 #1
Ouhhh~~~ Authornim, sometimes i also have that feeling too.. Even worse, i often get that feeling when my exam is just around the corner T-T
it feel very horrible bcuz when thats happen, i cann't do any work like what i want it to be. But i always listen to music mostly the kpop songs to get rid that feeling. It's really help me thought. maybe for u, u can do some exercise or any outdoor activities, it's may helping u to distract that feling too :)
Kairi291 #2
Unni saranghae <3 ♡
I always listen to exo -my turn to cry. I imagine them singing it to me and I feel better. If that doesn't help I always have Skype? Oh but I don't know the time difference
Aww unnie~~ cheer up!!!! Sometimes this happens....there's just no reason...
You just need to distract yourself. Go out, go shopping, eat out (eat something really good!), listen to music...it helps :)
shazza_20 #4
Hmm...it really that you're feeling that way. I recommend watching Running Man!! It definitely cheers me up :)
Or you could read Deer Luhan, With Love by Korekrypta if you haven't already. It's really good.