National Exams are.....OVER!!!!

Ahhh... finally the dreadful days are gone..

My last exam had just finished about thirty minutes ago and now i'm feeling so free. All that's left is to wait for the resulst+graduation. 

University I'm comingg...

It's really crowded here as all seniors are gathering in the school's field, not caring about the hot rays of sun. Sharing all the happiness together.

God.. I'm so happy that the big smile's still lingering on my face -I think I look like a retard now, but who cares anyway-. Oh, I shall be updating my stories soon, as I have the whole three months to myself.


OMG tomorrow's prom night -to add the happiness-.

but wait, i don't have a date. Tomorrow's prom and I don't have a freaking DATE!. I've been single for God-knows-how-long but this is the first time I'm bothered about it.. huh, I imagine myself walking down the red carpet alone, that would've been to single of me..




haha, sorry for babbling nonesense,, I'm caught up in the euphoria of 'finals are over'

and excuse me for typos, I'm typing this on my phone


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Congratulations ;)
I'm guessing you are from indonesia? XD