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We woke up early then prepared for our flight back to seoul.We went directly to our house .IT WAS 10AM..Byunghun brought our bags inside our room and I followed him.


“Should we visit our parents today?”I asked him


“nah.I bet umma and appa are both on a business trip”He said then lie on the bed


“Appa’s busy too”I whispered


“Let’s just meet teentop and you bestfriend.tell her to go at a café , I’ll inform teentop as well”


“neh”I lie down and landed on the bed took out my phone then dial Eunmi’s number .Byunghun was beside me sending a message to teentop .


CONVERSATION eunmi-to-~~~~





“~~~-ah!!!you guys are back from Jeju?”


“neh.can we hang out?L.Joe’s inviting Teentop as well” You looked at L.Joe and he looks kinda scare with his eyebrows furrowed just because you called him L.Joe,You stuck your tongue out then continued talking to eunmi “So eun-ah are you free today?pleaseeee”


“Of couse I am.I’ll cancel anything for you ~~~-ah!”She happily replied


“Gomawoooo Eun-ah!saranghaeyo~so let’s meet at the café near our school”


“okay see you there”


I hung up


I was about to stand when Byunghun  grabbed my hand an drag me down


“YAH!!what was that for?!”he hugged me


“I just want to hug you”


“We need to go .Eunmi is going there right now”


“I can’t move”


“duh!You’re not the one being squished!why can’t you move?pabo!it’s your plan to hang out with our friend so we better go now”


“Let’s just spend time together.I’ll cancel it”


“no way!I wanna see Eunmi”


“okay.give me a kiss first”


“You had enough yesterday (=.=)”


“That wasn’t enough”He pouted


“Byunghun-ah aegyo doesn’t suit you”I chuckled “You’ll let me go if I kiss you right?”


He nodded


“Let me go first” He did .I quickly  kiss him on his cheek then run away


“YAH!YOU CHEATER”he shouted


“wae?you didn’t tell me to kiss you on your lips!”I shouted from the living room “now move !we’re going”






^_^ sorry I didn't update yesterday....I was sick.....again T^T

I didn't go to school today to ~





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crazygirl143 () says about chapter 58:

crazygirl143 () says about chapter 36:
cool chappie bro, love this chappie so much<3

sipotpot () says about chapter 84:
Waaaaaaa. Cant read the sequel.
Authornim pls accept my request. ㅇ.ㅇ

hanixha () says about chapter 83:
Wahhh. ..wat a nice story sweet. .good job nim ...keep up the good work. .kekeke :-)

nadhoya () says about chapter 84:
Authornim.. I have finish reading your story~~ wanna read the sequel.. please accept my friend request please~~

ughbap () says:
why ughbap tho haha

Elfandari () says about chapter 84: write my name?
thank you

I just finished this story.
It's good enough because this is your first story. less conflict, I hope more conflict. hehehe :)

I little confused about count the age in korean. sorry.

I hope you make a more conflict on the sequel.

Thank for story, I will read the sequel.


key_myungsoo () says about chapter 59:
how can ~~~ is adopted... her family name shin... sobs, sobs... ㅠ,ㅠ

livihwang () says about chapter 84:
Love it! ;D

Elfandari () says about chapter 23:
why you make the girl main character get drunk?
she is just too young..she still 16. the rule for drink is when the girl or a boy reach 17 or 18 years old.
and why you make the wedding for them on 16?
why you choose on 17 or 18?
have you read an another story about the arrange married?
not only on fanfics but the other story...
I know this is just story..just fiction

sorry for a lot comment
I will continue reading this story

I hope you make a good conflict between them (a main character)

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