Love & War

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"He's the devil in disguise." 

That was the kind of man that everyone thought he was. Thousands of lives had been ended in his hands, families torn apart, homes consumed by flames -- they feared him, they hated him, and they wanted him dead.

"He has no weaknesses."

That was what they told her when they sent her to his side. Her mission? To uncover a single crack beneath the seemingly perfect facade of the devil, so that they could deal him the critical blow.

She thought she had prepared herself for everything that was to be expected.   

She didn't expect                 him. 



Author's Note: 

I've always been fascinated by wartime stories and there are way too few dramas that feature that sort of a backdrop. I guess it's because during times of war, things are so uncertain and it makes every single day all the more precious, knowing that you might wake up the next and your loved one might no longer be beside you. 

Please be warned that this story is likely to contain mature themes (though not alot and no PwP that's for sure). Chapters with mature content will be marked [M], so please do skip them if you are uncomfortable. 

Really not liking the title very much, but alas, can't think of a better one at the moment. 

Hope you enjoy this story - leave me a comment! 


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-missmustachequeen- 0 points #1
Chapter 74: i was listening to sam smith's too good at goodbyes before reading this chapter and i cRIED. it perfectly suits the situation so eun is in this chapter : ( my eyes are swollen already but as much as it hURTS, i love it. it makes me feel half of what so eun must be feeling with all the misfortune that has happened with her
biyoohoo #2
Chapter 86: Great story.
It hard to find story that well written, with good plot.
Aisyah_28 #3
Can you give some one shot sequel? I really love this story and i just want to have more of kai soeun sehun life after they meet... great job author..
Chapter 86: Ok here goes my inner self writing a huge of a comment again , first of all WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL IS THIS ??!!!! loved every letter from this story , the story is unfair cant even breathe . they were harmed alot and justice did them no right , i cried alooooot and baekhyun death was really heartbreaking he doesnt deserve this but its war and nothing could be done , her brother killed me why !! thats really unfair jist because of people's greed innocent people had to die ... the part he talked while dying with jongin broke my heart , it doesnt matter he the enemy as long as his only family is fine , till the last intake of breath he thought of her .... sehun was perfectly perfect his character and him as a whole was perfect , liked his loyalty to his only friend . suho pissed me off at times but when i think about it he also was treated badly , amd he did things that be beleived are the right for his own and he succed in that but it also harmed him and his pride id killing him ... hara was naive but a sweetheart she loved jongin that she sacrfied herself for him to live thats brave and nice from her point ... and last and not least jongin amd so eun they are perfect for each other , its amazing how they click and are like each other , best couple on AFF for real ... i liked your way of writing and it amaze me how you know all this even if you used google it still hard to obtain informations as these in the story there is no doubt that you won the first place with story beacuse damn how can you not be a famous writer by now , i will start collage amd i will start studying english language amd litearture this year amd this story came in it time like i proved to muself why i love writing and books its amazing like really i cant even show how amazed i am right now this story took to places , ugghh i even told my mother about it and i never ever lile never did this before and i made my frimed an account just so can read it , your qoutes and books u used in this story are perfect and your writing is PERFECT , congrates in winning sorry for being late but you know what they say " what comes last is the best" im going to read this story all over again because im dying right here , you should publish it and make it a movie please doooo , you cant leave it like this i will buy your books amd watch your movies just do it you are the best ,, fighting you are the best ^^ ~~~~~
Chapter 65: As a silent reader in AFF, I didnt get to collect many karma points. But your story triggerd me to comments several times here to show how much I value this masterpiece. And now I have enough karrma points to upvote, this masterpiece deserves to honour my first Upvote. Thank you for this beautiful story
choxaxa #6
Chapter 86: it's took me a whole day to finished this beautiful story. my heart aches so much when i finished reading it. eve tough the ending is a bit sad because jongin lost one of his arm and leg, it's still counted as a happy ending tho. i really salute you author-nim. i usually don't read such a heavy ff like this, i always preferred the high school romance or something like that. but this one is truly beautiful i must say. i really enjoyed reading it!
35 streak #7
Chapter 85: I came back once again to re-read this masterpiece. How I wish there were more stories like this, because I can't erase my memory and start this story without knowing the end. I've been catching up with it in wattpad.

Thank you for writing this. :)
Chapter 64: im doubting baekhyuN LMAO
YooAnna #9
Auther_nim pleeease write another story like this pls... After I read this story every single fic I read after does not please me , What should I do & yeah you are responsible of this state so fix it with another story I demand you
YooAnna #10
I envy everyone who still did not read this fic & has the chance to live & enjoy every chapter of this masterpiece ?? I wish I can erase my memory & re-read it again , again & again.