Love & War

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"He's the devil in disguise." 

That was the kind of man that everyone thought he was. Thousands of lives had been ended in his hands, families torn apart, homes consumed by flames -- they feared him, they hated him, and they wanted him dead.

"He has no weaknesses."

That was what they told her when they sent her to his side. Her mission? To uncover a single crack beneath the seemingly perfect facade of the devil, so that they could deal him the critical blow.

She thought she had prepared herself for everything that was to be expected.   

She didn't expect                 him. 



Author's Note: 

I've always been fascinated by wartime stories and there are way too few dramas that feature that sort of a backdrop. I guess it's because during times of war, things are so uncertain and it makes every single day all the more precious, knowing that you might wake up the next and your loved one might no longer be beside you. 

Please be warned that this story is likely to contain mature themes (though not alot and no PwP that's for sure). Chapters with mature content will be marked [M], so please do skip them if you are uncomfortable. 

Really not liking the title very much, but alas, can't think of a better one at the moment. 

Hope you enjoy this story - leave me a comment! 


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LeeJimin47 0 points #1
Chapter 86: I lost count to the number of times I've read this story haha. It never fails to leave me in awe whenever I finish reading it.
Chapter 86: Still awesome. Didn't regret reading this many times.
dyomochi #3
Chapter 85: this story is one of the first stories i read in aff, one of the best ones. reading this story again still made me feel emotional. glad with the ending you wrote ❤ thank you for sharing the story!
Chapter 85: This fic still gives me the same feeling. Rereading this stirred a lot of emotions in me. Still love this. :)
Chapter 30: alright so im like a quarter into the fic and
why does this remind me of beauty and the beast
And mann do i love sehun-
but ayy im loving this alot
Hey Amber_Rose, I've again reread the story, and I found it still as amazing as the first time that i've read it. I seriously think you might make a book out of this. Changing the Kpop names prob. and going for other names so it can be brought out to the normal people.
I've let someone read this, who wasn't into kpop and she was so moved with the story and even though I read this quite some time ago I still come back here to occasionally reread this. The way you wrote was so realistic that I could draw out your story on to paper. The characters were so real that I felt angry and cried at the end.
I hope you'll always keep this story up for me and other to reread, you have a gift, and you should seriously look into publishing a book.
[deactivated] #7
Definitely my cup of tea.. *grins*
Chapter 86: oh God i love you, i love your story, i love jongin, i love sehun, i love so eun. omg i love all about it!!!! you made a really beautiful story right there.
this is seriously a masterpiece storyyyy. ilyyyyy!!!
Re reading this story again heheheheh ?❤
charmainexlee #10
Chapter 57: omg i can't express how much of a masterpiece this story is, i just had to comment. your writing style is <3
honestly, i remember reading this waaaay back but i totally forgot about it until i stumbled upon it a few days ago and decided to re-read. best decision ever.
p.s really random but i'm a er for stories on side characters so a story on sehun and byul would be omgggg ahxbankamnsqzsk