Pageant Girl

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Kyungsoo is entered into an all girl pageant as a bet, where he meets Kim Jongin.

A pageant boy. 


another chaptered story ftw

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bluemaple 0 points #1
Congrats!! :)
alienatedhuman 0 points #2
congrats on getting featured ♡
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Chapter 11: I hope you update soon, I love this story so much. I love how things are developing slowly and naturally :D your writing is amazing
16 streak #4
Congrats :)
thepeachills #6
Chapter 3: I still hard for me to imagine Kyungsoo doing a girls voice. A high pitch is nowhere near is beautiful deep voice.
Kyungja_stan1288 #7
Chapter 11: This is not it right????Not the end, rite??? There is more, isnt it? Plz say there's more. i will be waiting
ShoveItUpMy #8
Chapter 11: Ooooooh I m really soft r8 now
Sunshots #9
I miss this!!! Im gonna go reread it!
Chapter 11: Oooffff can’t wait till the next chapter!! CmON JONGIN TALK TO KYUNGSSOOO!! Btw congrats on the feature, thATS SO AMAZING