FUTURE : affrp┊REOPENED AND ACTIVE. temporarily closed, we'll be back soon!


      if there's a FUTURE we want it now
               EST. 24 JULY, 2014



i. strictly no double accounts. all associated accounts will be kicked out if you are found to have multiple accounts.
ii. biased behaviour will not be tolerated. this includes face-chasing, selective replies, forming cliques etc. you will receive three warnings before being kicked out.
iii. be nice to everyone. this means no starting unnecessary drama.
iv. welcome all new members. make them feel apart of the family!
v. notify the admin or comment on the thread if you are deactivating, going on hiatus or in a relationship.
vi. be active every two days. this includes logging in and replying.
vii. activty checks and kickouts will be held at random.
viii. if you have any questions, concerns or wish to report any rule-breaking please message the head admin or our ask.fm.
ix. have fun and enjoy your stay with us!


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all hiatuses noted
ack, requesting for hiatus until the 8th please. school just started for me as well and ugh. ):
adding to the hiatus wagon. again. may i take a hiatus until sept 6? i'm going abroad and doubt wifi will be available everywhere and every time :(
may i take a hiatus until sept 9? i really tried to make time out of my schedule but im so busy after school started <//3
hey! permission to take a hiatus until the 31st? it's for confidential purposes. (just kidding, it's a small trip without wifi.)
siyenos #6
stopping by to ask for a semi-hiatus until september second due to a busy week ahead of me. :(
jihocns #7
is it possible to ask for a hiatus until september 4th? going on a trip and limited wifi source.
minhyvn #8
Chapter 2: hello, i've decided to take my leave. maybe in the future, i'll return.
Hey sorry but Wonho is actually going to leave. I just started school and I can already tell that it is going to be overwhelming.
im back from hiatus sorta. hi.