Rules & Regulations


Rules and regulations are created to establish order. But then you know what they say, "Rules are made to be broken."



You take Design as a subject and God help you, your art skills are comparable to an ant's. You are a science person; numbers and molecular formulae just call out to you like they're your guardian angels. You would never have taken up Design if not for your parents' dream of you becoming an architect and taking over your father's business. You really wouldn't have listened to them if not for you being the only child they can rely on.

And you would definitely never have chosen the subject if you had known Mr. Byun is going to be your teacher-in-charge.

Maybe it's because he thinks you're incompetent, which is why he treats you like you're invisible. If that is so, you honestly agree with him thinking you're hopeless. Because your designing skills? They're really... out of this world. 


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Damn it. I'm a design student (which previously was a science student) so I can relate with this girl. Will read this when I have time!
Chapter 28: Awwww...this story is beautifully written! I adore your style of writing!! It's really smooth and conveys the characters really well. I really enjoy this story. I did cry during the 'breakup' with sehun tho. It's really heartbreaking. Damnn...i extremely enjoy thus story!! So so much! And although this type of story is kinda cliche with the teacherxstudent story, ESPECIALLY with Baekhyun being the teacher ((I've read so many similar stories like this lol)) and Sehun ALWAYS being the bestfriend, you made this story flows really smoothly. I was dumbstruck by Sehun's sudden 'confession' tho hahahaha I wonder what happen if some other author would put Kai or even Chanyeol or CHEN to be oc's bestfriend. It would probably be very interesting hoho. Anyway, thank you for writing this AMAZING story I love this sooo much <3
Chapter 22: O. M. G. SEHUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!! I've actually read somewhere that told something like...if someone likes a girl so so so much but like broke up/rejected, they felt like they hate girls or like no one can replace the girl bcs that's the only girl he likes so there's no girl in this world can replace her.((something like that I'm not really sure I cant remember)) So they result in trying "someone" else (as in other gender) that's why he NOW kind of like...males? Hahahaha idek what I'm talking abt this is so surprising and AWKWARD
spaktouniya #4
Chapter 28: Hhhh rereading it great work
ugh ive read this so many times already , one of my fav chaptered fics <3
Chapter 16: re-reading this omg i miss this perfection so much
Here i am, again! I loved this story too, just letting you know. Mr.Byun so cute jsjfsigj *-*
I want him too sigh..
Written well and a very soft reading, perfect for evening time.~
You did a great job! ^^
Chapter 8: Just a random thought while rereading this story, I just realised that you havent write a teacher!jongin au fic (whrby hes the main charac ) before xD