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some random questions for BIGBANG and 2NE1~


hello, it's LastAngevil!

you can call me, Iona (iona), it's my name, real name.


soo, it's a 'talk show' with Big Bang and 2NE1

and of course, it's not real from them


So, leave questions down below for me to ask them to BIG BANG and 2NE1~~~!!!!!



enjoy your life!!!


RATED FOR SWEARING or maybe *i try to make one*


p.s. : you can ask for or a normal couple, thanks!


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absolutepast_107 #1
Chapter 1: hello, I'm a new reader of you and also a crazy fan of Bigbang and 2ne1. I 've read your fic and I think it's so cute ^^.I'm vietnamese and I want to translate it into my language and introduce it to my friends on facebook.I know my English is so bad but I'll try my best. Waitting forward to seeing your repply
mydark-angel122 #2
2ne1 and big bang..!!!
update soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon.!!
B2tyBlackjack #3
Does 2ne1 are friends with SNSD and Super Junior?
kendra93 #4
Well...<br />
Dae which kpop idol is your ideal type?^^<br />
Damaoshipper #5
Yippee! Thanks for answering my questions!<br />
<br />
Hmmmm... Here's some more<br />
<br />
Does Dara ship skydragon?<br />
Or does CL ship daragon?<br />
<br />
Who thought of the names 2ne1 and big bang?<br />
Is it true that GD won't date In house?*cries painfully*<br />
Why does Bom love corn so much? (if I remember correctly, corn has 131 calories and makes u feel hungry soon after u eat it, REMEMBER BOM??? 2ne1tv season 1? Nvrmind, I love corn too <3 )<br />
Are Gaho and Dougie good friends?<br />
<br />
Erm, that's all for now^^
shendron #6
<br />
Since this is Darayang and not Daragon *sobs*......mmmmm........<br />
<br />
Taeyang, what do you feel when they say that thier ideal girl is dara?
mbie07 #7
oh my! I always thought daragon is real!! you just broke my tiny little heart!! WAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!<br />
<br />
<br />
Daragon is real right? right? <br />
<br />
sobss!! TT.TT
pinkblood #8
4 dara and bom...<br />
how many time do you go to the bathroom a day?<br />
XD...sorry for the question<br />
<br />
seriously, i'm curious...they eat normally right? and they're skinny so they must have a fast metabolism...<br />
<br />
random questions:<br />
does Bom snore?<br />
does cl has a lot of teddy bears in her room?<br />
what do dara do when she's depressed?<br />
is minzy sometimes left out because of age gap?<br />
are jiyong and top gay?<br />
does dae use medicine to enhance his muscle after exercise?<br />
whose the smartest among bigbang?<br />
are taeyang and seungri a playboy?<br />
<br />
you don't have to answer them all....XD
kendra93 #9
Coool fic!!<br />
I don't know what question should I ask...but I want to give you my support...^^<br />
Who is CL's favorit kpop artist?? XD
Damaoshipper #10
What's in your room CL?<br />
<br />
Erm, <br />
Where do you get all your health foods bom?<br />
What's dougie doing minzy?<br />
<br />
I dunno I'm just randomly typing what comes to my mind :D<br />
Cute fic though ^^