생일 축하 합니다... Jealousy(?) Part 1

Fantasy Turns To Reality


"생일 축하 합니다... Jealousy(?)"



The next day.. JINYOUNG'S BIRTHDAY!!!


*HyunMi's POV*


I woke up as soon as my alarm clock went on. I sat up then suddenly something fell from my head. It was a warm towel. I rubbed my eyes, still half asleep. Then I realized that I had a fever last night.


Sandeul-oppa might've put this on me while I was sleeping. :")


I got off of my bed and went to the bathroom. Washed my face and brushed my teeth. I went out, stretching my arms up, squinting my eyes that were still adjusting to the light of my room. I noticed something under my pillow, a sky blue letter.


"OH YEAH! TODAY'S OPPA'S BIRTHDAY!" I suddenly remembered. I looked at the clock and saw that it was still early. I quickly grabbed my gift for him inside my closet. I carefully opened my door, peeking right and left. No one's awake yet. I tip-toed over to the boys' room. I gently opened their door, avoiding some squeaks that can be heard. I peeked first, they were all still sleeping. Phew~ I looked at Jinyoung. His back was facing me. Perfect! It's easier this way~


I, again, tip-toed inside towards him. I reached his side.

"HyunMi~" Channie suddenly whispered. I got startled when I heard his voice. I looked up to the upper deck and saw him looking at me, all smiles.

"Aish~ Channie-oppa, you almost gave me a heart attack." I whispered back, holding my chest. I felt my heart that was utterly beating very fast.

He chuckled, "Mianhae. FIGHTING!" he said as he did the fighting-fist thing in the air. (mianhae, I don't know how to describe that. xD well, it looks like this *spazzing xD*)

I just smiled at him.


"HyunMi, you feeling well now?" another voice startled me from behind. I jumped as I turned around. It was Shinwoo-oppa standing at my back, looking through what I'm doing.

I sighed in relief and whispered with annoyance, "What's with you guys?"

They both chuckled.

"Mianhae" Shinwoo patted my head lightly and laid on the other bed's upper deck. He didn't sleep again, but he watched me. Okay, pressure go away~


I turned my attention back to the sleeping Jinyoung. He was still sleeping with the loud hisses and whispers. Unbelievable. Kekek. I bent over and took a look if he was really still asleep. I saw his sleeping face. KYEOPTA!!! :")

I felt my lips curving into a smile as I watch him sleep.


"You better place it quickly. Hyung will wake up anytime now." Channie whispered.

I was about to put it at his side, but hesitated. Instead I went to the desk near his bed and placed my gift over there.

"HyunMi-ah?" Sandeul and Baro spoke at the same time. They were sleeping in the same bed, at the lower deck of Shinwoo's. They were rubbing there eyes.

I quickly glanced at them. I raised my index finger up to my lips to hush them. (this)


I walked down to each one of them, except for Gongchan since he knows my plan. Well, except for the confession. I was the only one who knew that. Anyway, I whispered into their ears the same thing,

"Please don't tell Oppa that it was from me"


They all nodded. Baro had a confused face when he nodded. He really never gets the whole secrecy in love. When he likes someone, he actually says it out loud. Kekeke.

Suddenly, Jinyoung made 'he's-waking-up' sounds. He made a long grunt and stretched out his arms, turning around to the other side, facing me. I quickly ran outside towards the kitchen before he could see me.





*Jinyoung's POV*


I turned to my other side and started rubbing my eyes. I heard chuckles inside the room.


"♪ Saengil chukha hamnida~

Saengil chukha hamnida~

Sarangha-neun Jinyoungie~~

Saengil chukha hamnida~ ♪"


They boys started singing as they approached me. They're clapping and singing in unison. Kekek. Sandeul started running towards me and jumped on top of me. Aigoo~ he's heavy!

"HYUNGIE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" he said loudly. Then Gongchan did the same. They were making so much noise. Oh god! These boys are so heavy! =.=

"Gomawo" I chuckled in pain. HAHA

"Yay!" Deullie and Channie said like little kids playing horsie.

They soon got off me, I sat up and noticed a gift on the desk. Omo, my first gift! :"D

I grabbed it and started to look for any card or writings from who gave it.


"Ya, who's this from?" I asked them, I was all smiles. It was so early to receive a gift. Kekekek. I super love the person whoever gave this. (Well, you already do. xDD)

"HyunMi" Baro said. Channie glanced at him without me noticing it. Baro quickly pursed his lips.

"HyunMi... Brought it in..." he continued

"Jinjja?!" I asked with such excitement. I hope this is from her. ^^

"Guys, time to eat" and speaking of HyunMi, she peeked by the door.

"Yah! ♪ Saengil chukha hamnida~ ...." she started singing and clapping alone as she approached me. She sat by my side, still singing. I couldn't stop the smile that was forming on my face.

"...Saengil chukha hamnida~!" she finished singing and raised her arms up, like it was a surprise. Kekek. Cute~

"Gomawo" I thanked. "HyunMi-ah, this gift?" I pointed out the gift that I was holding.

"Oh, I think it's from a fan. I just saw it outside." she simply said. Aww.. I thought it was from you. :/ Oh well, thank you my lovely Bana! ♥♥♥

"Oh, arasseo."

"Mmm... Bballi! Bballi! The food will get cold" she told us and lead outside. Channie quickly cling to her arms like a little child. I followed along, leaving the gift on my bed.


We sat in the dining area together and ate. The food that was on the table were my favorite. Yay~ Neomu saranghae HyunMi~ ♥♥♥

"HyunMi-ah~ where's my gift~?" I pouted

"Mwo?" she asked.

"My. Gift." I said, stressing the word childishly

"Oh... Uhmm... Mianhae Oppa." she said, looking down at her food. I could hear guilt in her voice. Baro giggled while there was still food in his mouth.

"Ob-waeyo?" I demanded childishly.

"I... I spent my allowance for the food later and for your cake." she said in a low voice, looking down more. I couldn't see her eyes because of the hair that was blocking it. I heard a little whimper.

"Omo, I'm just kidding. Don't be sad." I said. Aish~ HyunMi, please not on my birthday. T.T

"Mianhae Oppa." she said, sniffing. Is she really crying!?!?! O.O

Sandeul stood up and went to the kitchen.

"Yah-yah-yah! HyunMi! Please don't cry on my birthday!" I pleaded, half-standing up.

Sandeul came back with a glass of water in his hands.

"Pabo, she's not crying. The soup was too spicy for her." Sandeul chuckled as he handed the glass of water to HyunMi. Everyone laughed, I heard her giggled. She looked up to me, a tear escaped her eye and her cheeks were burning red. Was that really spicy for her? o.o

"Jeongmal mianhae oppa. Kekek" she chuckled.

"Yah!" I whined and pouted.


"JINYOUNGIE~~~!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!" Noona entered.

I rushed towards her and gave her a big bear hug.

"Noooonaaaa~!!! I thought you won't come!" I said

"Well, HyunMi pleaded me to. Since she told me you really miss me. You should thank her" she said, pointing to HyunMi. I feel a bit playful now. >:)

"Why would I? After making fun of me... You should punish her Noona!" I pouted

Everyone burst out laughing.

"Yah. Well then... I won't be making yummy food for dinner" she threatened.

I ran towards her and gave her a hug at the back.

"I was just kidding. Thank you so much HyunMi! Make wonderful dishes tonight, arasseo?" I said.

She giggled and nodded. I didn't cut the hug. With a snap, we felt the awkward state we're in. The hug became different. She blushed at the same time as I did. I leaned my head to hers.


I know I've been a bit creepy... well... really creepy since yesterday. I just wanted her to feel that I have feelings for her. I leaned my head just so if she could her my thoughts, she would know how much I love her. Tonight will be the night. >:)<


"Hyung, we're eating..." Baro pointed out. I heard a big thud below the table

"Aww! Aww! Wrong leg Hyung!" Channie whined and lifted his victimed foot on his chair

"Omo. Mianhaeyo Chan Chan!" Sandeul quickly apologized

I was still serious and hugging HyunMi. Our heads were really close like yesterday. Channie glanced at us and his pain expression faded away, and was replaced with annoyance

"Ya, hyung! Don't let that scene from yesterday run in my head again!" he complained.

From what he had said, I exactly knew what he was talking about. It was when he suddenly barged inside the room while HyunMi and I were talking.

I slowly cut the hug, we were both blushing. Embarrassed.

"Wae? What scene?" Sandeul wondered

"Nothing!" HyunMi and I both spoke. The 3 of them gave us curious looks while Channie's face was disturbed.


"Before we all go crazy here, manager-nim told me to give this to you." Noona said before the awkward atmosphere is felt. She handed me tickets.

"What's this?" I asked her

"Tickets. The blue ones are for a movie. And the orange ones... well you know what those mean." Noona winked.

Of course we knew what the orange tickets mean! AMUSEMENT PARK!!!! YAY!

"Yes!" We all cheered. But I noticed the number of tickets.

"Only 10? 2 for each?" I asked Noona.

"Ne. Wae?" she wondered

"Well, how about... HyunMi...*longpause* and you?"

"Oh, well manager-nim only gave me those tickets. Besides HyunMi and I will be busy preparing for the party." she blurted. Party!?

"Party?!" I exclaimed

"Oops... Mianhae HyunMi" Noona bowed at HyunMi.

"Party?! I thought we will have a fancy dinner later?" I asked HyunMi

"Ne. It was suppose to be a surprise. But, oh well. Kekek. And who told you it was going to be fancy? I just said it was special." she stuck her tongue out. Kyeopta! :">

"Hmm... arasseo" I pouted. I felt a bit sad cause HyunMi won't be coming with us at the amusement park and movie theater.

"Why are you pouting all of a sudden?" HyunMi asked

"I... wanted... you... to come along" I shyly-honestly said. I didn't looked into her eyes.

"It's fine Oppa. There's still Christmas" she winked

"Jinjja!?" I said excitedly

She chuckled and nodded.

"Yaaaaay~" I cheered. She'll be here on Christmas! Yay~


"Okay, well hurry up and fix yourselves. Bana's are waiting" Noona told us and we nodded





*HyunMi's POV*


1:00 pm


They left 4 hours ago. I began preparing the ingredients for the cake in the kitchen. Okay, here's the truth... I don't really know how to bake a cake. I haven't bake one single cake or even cupcake in my whole life! I opened the cook book that I bought one day ago.

"Need any help?" Unnie smiled at me.

"Ani. I'm fine." I lied. I was damn nervous with this cake. Since it's the first and it's for Jinyoung. >.<

"Arasseo. I'll be setting up the living room now" she said and walked away.





*baking baking baking*



The oven alarmed. I took the tray out. The cake looked fine, and it also looked edible. Hehehe.

Good job HyunMi for making it look like a cake. Just hope it tastes fine.

This was my first try. And I say, it's hard work! My hand almost died from mixing up the ingredients. But still, I did it. I think. I sliced the edges carefully to smooth it out a bit. I took a piece from the...excess, and shove it right inside my mouth. I chewed and tasted. It was okay. But just okay. -.-


"Unnie~!" I called

"Wae?" she entered the kitchen

"Can you taste this?" I handed out another piece from the excess.

She took it and, without hesitation, shove it inside her mouth. I examined her expression as she tasted my cake. Her eyes widened in surprise and looked at me.

"Wae!? Wae!?" I panicked.

"It's freaking delicious HyunMi! Neomu mada!" she praised

"Jinjja?!" I said, really happy and relieved to hear that.

"Ne. Ne. How long have you been baking?" she asked, still amazed

"Actually... This is... the first time." I shyly confessed.

"MWO!? You must be joking!?" she asked, very surprise to hear my answer

"Ani. It's true" I assured her, showing the cook book

"You just followed this?" she pointed to the cook book that was now in her hands

I nodded, "Mmm."

"Etteokhe!? I've been following cook books for a long time, but I've never cooked this good." she said. I didn't know if she was still talking to me or to herself now. I just smiled awkwardly at her. Kekek.

"You sure do love Jinyoung, ne?" she suddenly looked at me, away from the cook book. Smiling with sincere eyes.

My breathing was cut off, very surprised at what she had just said. I never told her. The only people who knew this were the boys, of course Jinyoung's not included. Yet. >:)<

"HyunMi! Breathe!" she reminded me. And I inhaled deeply.

"H-h-how..." I trailed off

"Honey, it's obvious" she smirked and handed back the cook book. She went back to what she was doing.


I was dumbfounded for a second. Is that really obvious? -.-

I looked back at my "delicious" cake, and sighed in relief. Good thing it turned out great. Time for the frostings.


I, again, followed the cook book on how to make the frostings and stuff. I called on Unnie time to time to taste them. And every time she gets a taste she freaks out. Heheh.

I finished decorating the cake. I looked at it for the last time before putting it into the fridge. I cleaned the counter and took out the ingredients for dinner. I glanced up the clock and saw that it was already 4:15.


! It's already this late!? I haven't made anything yet, except for the cake! Eotteokhe!?


I panicked, "Unnie~!!"

"Wae!? What's wrong?!?!" she rushed inside the kitchen.

"It's pass 4 and I haven't made any course for tonight!" I told her.

"It'll be fine HyunMi. I already called AnJi to help you out." she winked.

Phew~ good thing Unnie called her. I'm gonna die if no one's gonna help me.

"You're still busy with the decorations?" I asked while starting to cook

"Ne. The balloons keep on popping" she pouted

"You can do it" I chuckled.

After some minutes, AnJi arrived. We stayed in the kitchen for 3 hours.





FINALLY! We're done cooking! AnJi already went home because her mom was sick and no one's home to take care of her.

Unnie helped me setting up the table. I cooked Jinyoung's favorite dishes during dinner. Kekek. Weird for some party huh? Well, I wanted it to be simple. ;D

"Annyeong" Manager-nim entered.

I looked up at him him and bowed, "Annyeong Manager-nim"


So, some time passed others came. The boys weren't yet home so I decided to go out for some fresh air. I grabbed my cardigan and went to the park that was just in front of the dorm. I walked around the park a little, breathing in the cool night's fresh air. It was so chilly. But I can still bear it. I closed my eyes feeling the wind pass my skin. I've been inside the dorm, especially in the kitchen, for too long.

A few moment of silence, someone grabbed my shoulder. I jumped and turned around. It was Baro.

"Omona. Oppa, stop surprising me" I sighed.

"Mianhae. Jinyoung hyung told me to get you" Baro smiled.

"Arasseo. Kaja?"


We entered the dorm. There were really a lot of people now.

"HyunMi!" Jinyoung ran towards me when he saw us come in.

"Oppa?" I was shocked with his reaction

He didn't say anything and just flashed my favorite smile of his. I smiled and chuckled. He grabbed my wrist and dragged me where everyone was.


We all ate and chat. I noticed that the smile on Jinyoung's face haven't faded away yet. It made me smile unknowingly. I've never seen him this happy.

Unnie suddenly approached and whispered to him. Once she leaned away, Jinyoung looked at me with surprised eyes. What did Unnie told him? o.o

I tilted my head to have an answer.

He just shook his head and flashed his most gorgeous smile. My heart skipped a bit once more... melting. :")


"We'll be going now. We still have some things to do in the company. Happy Birthday again Jinyoungie" JaeKyung-ssi told us.

"Already? Aww... Arasseo. Work hard! Thank you for coming" Jinyoung bowed at them.


Hours had passed and we were the only ones left again. Unnie and I cleaned the dishes, while the boys were cleaning up the decorations.

"Can I open them now?" Jinyoung asked, pertaining to the millions of gifts he received from the staff, his friends, and Banas that was in the practice room.

"Ne. HyunMi and I will follow." Unnie said.

He frowned a, I don't know why, and went downstairs.

"Aish~ that boy really wants to be with you." Unnie mumbled, I didn't hear the words. I just heard her voice.

"Mwo?" I asked

"Uhmm.. nothing~" she sang



Minutes passed...


I went to my room and took my confession. I simply looked at it and smiled. I shoved it inside my cardigan's pocket.


This is it HyunMi! You can do this!


I went to the kitchen and lighted the candles on the cake. I carefully carried it downstairs. Yes, I didn't put it out when there were guest. First, I was shy to. And second, it was too small for 18+ people. I was outside the room's door. I peeked through the door's window and saw them sitting on the floor opening presents. I glanced at a gift. It was mine. And still unwrapped. Omo, why isn't he opening mine yet?


Unnie opened the door for me and dimmed the lights. She ran towards Jinyoung and covered his eyes before he could look at my direction. I started singing.


♪ Saengil chukha hamnida~

Saengil chukha hamnida~

Sarangha-neun Jinyoungie~~

Saengil chukha hamnida~ ♪


I sat beside him and finished singing. He's lips were curved into a smile. In front of him was the cake I was holding. (The moment looked like this) Unnie uncovered his eyes. He blinked a few times and looked at the cake.

"Omo. Cake!" He said, surprised

We all chuckled

"I told you there's cake"  Channie pointed. My brows furrowed and looked at Channie.

"He's been asking why was there no cake" he said

I smiled and looked at Jinyoung, he was brushing the back of his head and smiled shyly.

"Mianhae. I just baked a small cake that's why I didn't displayed it" I told him. He looked up to me

"You really baked this cake?" he asked, sounding a bit surprised

"Ne. Wae? I asked you what flavor yesterday, remember?" I chuckled

"Oh yeah." he smiled

"Go on now. Make a wish and blow the candles." I told him

He closed his eyes, whispering to himself his wish. And blew the lights. Everyone clapped. I placed the caked on the small coffee table.


"Hyung, what did you wish for?" Sandeul asked

Jinyoung glanced at me and smiled, then looked at Sandeul. Unnie chuckled. Huh? O.o

"It's a secret" he stuck his tongue out.

"Fine" Sanduel pouted.

"Hyung, the gifts will take years~" Channie joked

"Ah.. Arasseo" he said and grabbed a random gift.


We helped him open gifts since it WAS going to take years. Kekek. He received so much random gifts. Kekeke.



"Last one~" Channie sang and handed it over to Jinyoung. It was my gift.

"That's the first gift you've received right Oppa?" I asked, acting clueless.

"Ne. I wonder what it is" he said as he unwrapped it.

When he successfully unwrapped it. He froze. His face was epic. Kekek. But still cute. He was really surprised with gift.

"Eotteokhe!?!?!?!?!" He finally spoke. A smile was forming again in my face, but I quickly hid it.

"Wae?" Unnie asked

"It's.... It's the headphones!!!!!" he exclaimed "Omo!!!!!!"

"Open it Hyung" Sandeul asked. He did what Sandeul said, and was even more shocked.

"Yaaaah~ It's red!!!!!!!!!!" he jumped up and down like a little kid. We all chuckled.


Unknowingly, Unnie was looking at me with a look.


"This is the best gift ever!!!!" He shouted. It made my heart jump out of happiness.

I noticed the others were looking at me. Shinwoo smiled at me. Baro gave me a teasing look. Sandeul was looking up the ceiling acting like he wasn't looking at me. Channie smiled at me, all white pearls exposed, and winked at me.

"Hey, we haven't have any cake yet." Unnie reminded us.

"Oh yeah" Jinyoung quickly sat down. Unnie handed over the knife to Jinyoung. He did the honors. We all had a piece of cake. I waited for him to take a bite. I was actually really nervous about this.

He took a piece and shoved it in his mouth with a fork. I read his face. A few chews and tastes his expression changed. It was like Unnie's when I let her taste it first.

"HyunMi..." he eyed me

"W-wae?" I asked nervously

"IT'S DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!" He smiled.

"Ji-jinjja?!" I said in relief. I wasn't confident with my cake after all. But after that, it felt good to know that I can cook/bake anything. Kekeke.

"Ne, it is." Baro answered as he shoved a big piece inside his mouth.

A sigh of relief escaped me. Jinyoung got up and hugged me


"Omo" I blushed

"Thank you. Not just for the food you always cook us, but for being here. For everything. I feel so happy to have you here by my side." he whispered into my ears. All I could hear in his voice was sincerity.

I smiled. Teary eyed, touched by his sincere words. I hugged back. Then, I heard a click and something flashed. It was Chansik-oppa holding a camera.

"Aww~ How sweet~" he said while he showed everyone the moment that he captured.


After that, we played games. It was already late, but we didn't actually care. Kekeke. It was really fun. Laughs and giggle here. While flashes of the camera over there.

Soon, we played a different game.

"What game is this?" I asked while I was being blindfolded.

"You'll see. You cannot speak while you're still blindfolded, that's the rule." Shinwoo said

"Arasseo" I answered


I stood there in the practice room. Not knowing what's happening in my surroundings. There were some weird noises in the background, but I ignored it. Suddenly, everything went silent. It made me a bit nervous.


"You can take them off now~" Baro instructed and I did so. I looked up and saw Jinyoung, he was also holding a blindfold. We were standing at the center of the room. I looked around and the others were gone.

"Hey, what's going on?" Jinyoung asked. Suddenly music started playing in the background. It was a song for slow dances, like during prom or romantic scenes in some drama. Jinyoung and I both looked at each other. Full of awkwardness. Our eyes started to wander the empty room.


*long moment of silence*

(listen to it while reading. Kekek. To add in the mood. This is the song that is playing in the background:


I was looking at the wooden floor when someone suddenly grabbed my waist. I looked up and saw Jinyoung very close to me, smiling. I didn't knew how to respond, but he suddenly placed my arms around his neck and put his hands on my waist again. I locked my arms around him. I looked at his face with such awe. He had flawless skin. Smooth at the same time sharp features. Enjoying every part of his face, I haven't realized that we were already swaying side to side. I looked up to his eyes and he was staring at me. My eyes were now locked at his, and his at mine. At that moment, I just felt that everything was perfect. Heaven. I didn't thought of anything, I just felt my heart. Beating rhythmically with the song. My eyes looking at those mystical eyes.






*Jinyoung's POV*


"Hey, what's going on?" I asked, and as if on queue music started playing. I looked at myself and HyunMi, were standing alone at the center of the room. Lights dimmed. I didn't knew what to do. It was very awkward, being the only 2 standing at the center of a room with this kind of song mysteriously playing. But I was surprise that I didn't felt nervous. That was a first. As if I have the confidence about this.


Should I... Dance with her?


My feet suddenly moved two steps towards her, and soon as I know it she was only one inch away from me. She didn't seem to notice me. I really don't know where I got this confidence, but I swiftly grabbed her by the waist, pulling her a little closer. She was a bit shocked with my action, and all I could do was smile at her. I removed my hands one by one to put hers around my neck. She, then, flashed the most beautiful smile that I've been waiting from this morning.

I took one step to the left, she followed. Time passed and were swinging side by side. I locked my eyes to hers. They were beautiful and sparkling. I didn't knew if she could hear my heart pounding crazy because of all the happiness I'm feeling right now.






*HyunMi's POV*


We've been dancing around for some time now. But I didn't complain. I liked it. We continued swinging around then, the volume was getting lower. I could hear myself think now. Kekeke. I remembered the letter that was inside my pocket.

"HyunMi/Oppa" we spoke at the same time. It made us chuckle and look away because of the unexpected timing. My hands were still locked around his neck and his hands on my waist.

"You first" we said again.

"Ani. You first Birthday boy." I told him before he could speak at the same time that I will again.

He nodded and looked intently into my eyes. He removed his hands from my waist, took my hands down with his. He didn't let go of mine.

"I... I have been keeping something from you..." he started.

I looked at him with curious eyes. I waited for him to continue


"When we first met... Up to now... At this exact moment..." he spoke between long pauses. Looking into my eyes time to time then back to our hands



























"I want to tell you how much I--"
























Will Jinyoung manage to continue his confession? Will HyunMi be able to confess as well? Who's the dude that interrupted Jinyoung!? Fudge it. HAHA.


Here I am once again with a loooooooong  chapter. NYAHAHAHAAHAHA! I'll be typing the next chapter tomorrow. My eyes and back hurts already. Kekeke. Hope you like it. ;D Sorry for any mistakes. I was too lazy to recheck them. Please leave a comment. ♥




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