Chu Chu Chu~

Fantasy Turns To Reality


"Chu Chu Chu~"



*HyunMi's POV*

     "Aah~ finished!" I said in relief after finishing setting the table. Everything looks good. Meat looks rightly cooked; rice looks good too; chicken soup tastes good to me. Hope they like it.

     Everyone was in the practice room. I feel bad for forcing them to go out first and starve.

     "Breakfast's ready!" I announced. And there were running footsteps coming.

     "Waah~! It smells really good!" Chansik said like he was smelling it all morning. Everyone took a seat and started to eat. All of them took a sip on my chicken soup. Their eyes widened. Omo~ is there something wrong?!


     "Omo, waeyo?" I worried

     "It's heaven!!!!" Sandeul said taking another sip.

     "It's really good!" Baro complimented.

     "Jeongmal?!" I said in relief.      "Ne~" Shinwoo said.

     "It's true. It's really delicious." Jinyoungie said. That made my day even more! My bias saying my cooking is delicious! PUAHAHA!


*after eating*

     "Waah~ I's so full~! I think I can't eat lunch later" Baro said while rubbing his tummy.

     "HyunMi-ah, you're a great cook. When did you learn how to cook like that?" noona asked

     "I'm an only child, so when I'm alone in the house I cook for myself. And when things go hectic around the kitchen at my part-time job, I help." I said smiling


     "You have a part-time?" Chansik asked, almost sorry for me.

     "Ne~ Waeyo?"

     "Wae? Why are you working?"

     "I just want to earn money for future use. And it will be easy for me to buy materials for school"

     "Oh." he looked down.

    "Since we're done eating. Time to clean up" noona said


     The boys went to their room to fix themselves. But Channie ran back, "HyunMi-ah! Kamsahamnida!" Chansik bowed. I was surprised. HAHA. Was my cooking that good? I bowed back. Then Sandeul and Baro followed, so did Shinwoo and Jinyoung. After bowing, they went back to their room.

     "Hmm... they really like your cooking" noona told me. I smiled. Proud of myself. Kekek


     Noona was the one who did the dishes, while I was in my room fixing my things.

     "HyunMi-ah" noona called. I went out of the room and saw her dressed up to go outside. "HyunMi-ah, I have some erands to do for manager-nim. But the laundry needs to get started now, can you please do it?" noona asked, really busy with her things she didn't even looked at me.


     The boys' laundry!? Is noona sure!? It's not that I don't do laundry... but the first thing that pops in my mind, is their... UNDERWEAR. And that would be just awkward!


     She noticed my silence, "Don't worry. I've separated their underwear from their t-shirts and stuff." she laughed a little

     "Ah~ thank goodness" I sighed.

    "Hahah! I know it will be very awkward for all of you if you did those." she winked.

   "Gomawoyo". Noona led me to the laundry room. The first thing I noticed was 3 big baskets. 1 was full of their underwear, and the other are their show clothes, the last was their casual clothes.

     "You just need to do are their casual clothes dear." she told me.

     "Arasseo" then something caught my eye.


     WERE THOSE???? PIKACHU BOXERS??? I laughed a little.

     "Noona, are those pikachu boxers?" I said, can't stop laughing

     "Oh, ne. Hahaha. It's Baro's. Shh!"

     Aww~ so cutee! HAHA!



*Jinyoung's POV*

     "Aaah~ She's really pretty!" Sandeul keeps on repeating while we're fixing ourselves for practice. It was a bit annoying. But at least it was true.

     "Hope she cooks for us all the time" Channie said, entering the room. He finally finished!

     "True~" hyung agreed.

     "*knock knock!* Boys, I'll be going out to do some errands okay?" noona spoke through the door.

     "Arasseo. Where's HyunMi?" Sandeul asked

     "Oh, she's doing the laundry" noona answered.


     Waaw~ wasn't she tired at all. She even helped with our laundry. She's amazing. She's cute, pretty, nice, smart, cooks well, and hardworking. She's perfect!


     Laundry... Laundry... LAUNDRY!?


     All of us had the same shocked-horrified expression in our face. We all headed for the door and opened it quickly.

     "LAUNDRY!?" we all shouted at the same time. Noona got startled.

     "Ya, I've separated your underwear okay? No need to panic." she assured. "I'll be the one to do those and your stage outfits after finishing my errands for Manager-nim. Arasseo?"


     We all sighed in relief. It would be really awkward, not to mention embarrassing, to see her wash our underwear. Whew~


     After preparing, I told all of them to go down and I just have some things to fix. Actually, there isn't. I just want to look at HyunMi without them knowing. When I was sure that all of them were at the practice room and not going up here, I went to the laundry room. I took a deep breath before opening the door.

     There she was, all busy with the laundry. Her hair was tied up. I never noticed her neck before. It was long and beautiful, very smooth. She was listening to her iPod. I coughed to get her attention. She looked at me, and smiled. Agh~! Why do always have to smile!? It's my weakness!


     "Oh, Jinyoung-ssi. Waeyo?" she asked. "Jinyoung-ssi?" Really? Kekek. She's too formal.

     "Nothing. Just wanna check up on you" I manage to say it smoothly. She just smiled and looked back at the clothes she was washing. She held a pink t-shirt with a printed doodle on it. Oh, that one's mine. She suddenly hummed the song she was listening to. It was familiar. I closed my eyes to remember what song it was, but all that I can hear is a a whole different sound that her voice made. It was really soothing. Her beautiful humming...


     ♪ Churu chu chu chu chu~

        Chu churu chu chu chu chu~

        Oh my love. Oh my love... ♪


     She sang it perfectly but her voice was really low. Her voice was really beautiful. Wonderful to the ears. I can listen to it forever. Replaying.

     I opened my eyes, realizing I was smiling. I looked at her, she didn't seem to notice me smiling. But she was also smiling. The best smile I've ever seen on her face. More beautiful than the smile when she puts on when she's shy or greeting back. The smile was... captivating.

     She noticed me staring, oh no.



     "Uhmm... Nothing... Uhmmm... Your voice...." I trailed off. Agh~ die shyness! DIE! I took a deep breath, "You have a wonderful voice, HyunMi." I said, not looking into her eyes.

     "Not really. But thanks though" she giggled.

     "So, what's your favorite song?"

     "Hmm... my favorite song? It's hard to choose between Chu Chu Chu and Only One from your 1st Album." she winked at me. Aegyo~!

     "Heheh. Jeongmal?"

     "Ne~" after that, there was a short moment of silence.

     "HyunMi-ah..." I said with a different tone. A tone that wasn't normal for me to use. What was that?

     Then, she blushed. Like her whole face was turning bright red. Omo~ what did that tone sound like to her?!

     "HyunMi-ah, what's wrong?"

    "Huh? Andwae. Waeyo?" she said, her voice shaking. Omo~! What was with that tone! >.<

     "Your face... it's turning red."

     "Really? Uhmm... maybe it's nothing. Don't mind it."

     "Are you sure?"

     "Ne~ ah, don't you have practice?" Oh yeah. Forgot about that.

     "Ne~ well, I'll see you soon okay? Call us if you need anything. Annyeong" I waved, she waved back with a smile. I smiled back and turned around closing the door behind me.


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