Beautiful Butterfly

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CEO Kim Jongin tries dealing with clumsy, high school student Do Kyungsoo who is continuously confessing his love towards him.





Title: Beautiful Butterfly

Pairing: Kaisoo

Genre: Romance, Fluff, , Drama, Semi-Angst, Age switch

Length: Series

Summary: Because sometimes, all Jongin has to do is just following the clumsy Kyungsoo and lets the boy breaks the ignorant demeanor he has. Just like when he sees a butterfly. Just stares and follows, and it will show you its beauty and gracefulness.


[Chanbaek side-story: Baby Steps]








“Soo? My friends are going to come over later. Be good, okay? Mommy and Daddy are going out for company dinner, so we have the house all for us. Do you mind if my friends come?”

“Nu-uh!” Kyungsoo shakes his head no, chubby cheeks going up when he smiles.

Minseok is forever Kyungsoo’s favorite hyung as well.


Or so he thinks.






“Hey there, kid. I’m Jongin. Seok, he doesn’t look like you. Are you sure he is your brother?”

Kyungsoo turns deaf to the two last sentences and the only words repeating in his mind are ‘I’m Jongin’.

His name is Jongin and he is so tall.

His name is Jongin and he is so handsome.

His name is Jongin and he is so perfect.


His name is Kyungsoo and he is thirteen when he finds out that his first love is a sixteen years old boy.


Things are going to get rough for the thirteen years old feelings.



Who knows how Kyungsoo’s first love story goes when he is officially eighteen and Jongin is twenty-one?

Follow the butterfly and you will get your answer.


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Chapter 3: i wish i could be half as brave as kyungsoo with my feelings
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Chapter 21: To chanyeol : serve you right....
To baek : dont forgive him easily....
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just stumbled on this story i hope its good °^°
im here to visit and wishing u a very good luck!
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Chapter 25: i love everything about this ahh it has the correct dosage of fluff and angst and i’ve long lost count of the number of times ive screamed i love this and i love you thank you so much!! c:
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nice ♡
Chapter 5: Iiii knew it!!
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