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Jaehee ran away from her past, moving to Seoul to start over a new leaf. However, one small mistake led her to a whole new world she never imagined before.

This time, there was no escaping.

Enter in ion, drug trades, a y dangerous man and a violent political business, Jaehee ended up as a pawn in a game of cat and mouse, bound by the code of ‘Omertà’.


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Please don't kill me. 

yEAHHHH I know I have a thouuuusand ongoing stories. Okay no really, I don't have a lot of stories because one of them is ending soon, one is a one shot, and the other two are connected to each other. So, I suppose I can handle two stories.


I don't know.

But I really want to do mafia!au.

I know I did like a poll and stuff. royals!au won by just a bit, but I went on fb and asked around, to which majority would've read mafia instead because it's dark and y. 

This is my first time trying out mafia!au, and I'm not sure how well it'll go otl. I'm not like super great in terms of how the mafia works etc. because c'mon I'm just a girl. But I did my research, and so I might be putting up a glossary later on. This story will also be Italin-infused because Omertà originated from Italy. I'm just following the rules and it's much fun that way, Whoop.

Anyway! Hopefully y'all will enjoy this, and please don't forget to subscribe <3 

EDIT: i belatedly took the rated m part off because... it wasn't that rated lmao bye

This story contains-

Reall vulgar language. GUYS.

Use of ual innuendos

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3/8/17- this story got featured. < 3


All words, ideas, are written by me, xoxoexo. I am in no way claiming rights against the characters in this story, however my original characters are created by me and so remain as mine. Unecessary stealing of characters are also prohibited.

Similar plotline and development are all merely a coincidence.

© xoxoexo

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