Glass Angel

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“I just want to go for a walk with you, Minseok. Just you and me. That’s all I’m asking for.”
The listener caressed the back of Luhan’s tenuous hand with his thumb fondly,
thinking about how to tell him that there is no way for him to do so. 



all the love above, I'll send into you
comfort and protection, I'll watch over you

but don't ask me what's gonna happen next
I know the future, I'd love to lead you the way
just to make it easier for you

you are gonna have to find out for yourself
my dearest Scatterheart



Warning: [ implicit mature content ] [ sickness] [ character death ]



new drabble [Dernière Danse]

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almighty_bee #1
Chapter 1: Woow...
you leave me speechless, this is amazing....
M123hello #2
Chapter 1: wow this story is amazing af
i had to reread each lines twice to actually absorb it ! it's very different and unique :D
keep up the good work!!
It's the third time I read this and it still makes me tear up and cry at the end.
You put so much work in that and I can feel it (and I'm proud of you <3).
I absolutely adore this and especially loved the last scene, though it was the one who shattered my heart at last, haha
There are just so many things and small details I realize even deeper whenever I reread this and it makes me really happy and even easier affected by its emotions and all that... ;3;
I'm going to put up my fan-edit on tumblr for you, soon <3