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I Found You (Special One~)

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YieYoungmi #1
Chapter 40: Yeaaa~ I hope Jihae can get her memory back
YieYoungmi #2
Chapter 35: Waaaaaaa! You made an update :D Love It ^^ I hate that xian come back to disturb jihae!! The Violin sound is great

update soon
SparkleWish #3
Chapter 34: @YieYoungmi Thanks! Hahahaha! :D Lots of love! <3
YieYoungmi #4
Cooooooooooooool~ Nice update !! YEAH!! liking the jealousy girl ^_^

Update soon
SparkleWish #5
Thank you for subscribing my story! :D
KimHyeAh #6
update soon please !!!
New reader here~!
YieYoungmi #7
Wow !Love the Namsan park view ~

Update soon
YieYoungmi #8
Waaaa~ update soon
Marzeala95 #9
wahh..updated soon!!!^^
MeBirDy #10
aww Dongho is freaking cute.. <3 update please :)