Is This a Dream?--

by angeltine2009
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Shin Seul Seul, Jo Youngmin, Shin Min Sung, Jo Kwangmin etc.


My first ever fanfic about a girl named Shin Seul Seul(you).


I Changed the title of the story, coz it seems like it's not that nice


What if you accidentally bumped someone famous and coincident strikes when he is the famous guy you admire and his mother is your mother's friend... how would you handle this? add the fact that you're also going to be engage with him, because you look cute together.

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seungriseyoruienn () says:
hey! in need of a poster/ background for ur awesome fanfic? Look no further! , Mystic Garden gives what you really need! No karma points needed and can me redo-ed as many times as you want :D HESITATE NO MORE! Feed us with requests now! :)

LoovEXO () says about chapter 66:
Love it so much!

MinRandom () says about chapter 5:
Omona I just love this story^^

SowonHeart () says about chapter 1:
Had read the first chapter. *U*
So happy to mention PHILIPPINES <3
Huahaha. :">
Loving it, so far. <3

GreatHani () says:
Cool man to bern ~! Winnie the pooh ang background... so like ;)

xXFATEXx () says about chapter 1:
YES. PHILIPPINES. Lol. New subscriber... But I'm REALLY late on this... XD

sone_elf22 () says about chapter 50:
I love this chapter! Update soon! ^^

sone_elf22 () says about chapter 47:
Sorry for only commenting now, I planned to comment after reading the story.. I love your story! I love the feeling! Please update! ^^

bluesecret () says about chapter 33:
update please.............

angeltine2009 [A] () says:
@kaokao421: yes i'm a filipina, really? well i thought MOA is known that's why i placed it there
btw... thanks for loving my story , i'm working on the next chapters , please subscribe

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