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THIS PLACE IS A PARADISE                                                                                                                                   ONLY IF YOU ARE HERE  ...

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Chantrea49 #1
Picked up! Thanks so much. :)
Chantrea49 #2
Hi! I was wondering if you could possibly make the title a little bit bigger, I found it hard to notice due to its size. Other than that, it's really wonderful! :)

- xoxo, Chantrea.
woobuns #3
Chapter 17: aww thank you thank you thank you! it's gorgeous! :'D i'm using it and i'm absolutely crediting it to you both and the shop n u n ♥♥♥
gingerbeer #4
Chapter 18: Hi there! Thank you so much for taking your time to make this poster. I respect you for doing so. Though, I'm a little unnerved that neither of the pictures i sent you were used :| The work is honestly well done, but it's rather cute, and I don't think it is what I asked for. This may not be suitable for the way I wish my content to be expressed. I genuinely hope I could get a redo. Thank you again and sorry for the trouble. TT.TT
Ninjaii #5
Chapter 9: hi! i'm sorry for being so late on commenting. the poster is very lovely, but i would like a re-do because the poster doesn't quite match with my story. my story isn't really intended to be suspenseful or in the horror genre. it's more romantic.
camlovesyou101 #6
Chapter 14: What's the font used for thee title? It's so cool! :D
knovelist #7
Chapter 16: oh my this is so beautiful. thank you yat! youre the best :DDDDD
eyesmile19 #8
Chapter 15: picked up ! thank u so much !
pororoh #9
Chapter 14: Thank you so much for the poster! I love it :D