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THIS PLACE IS A PARADISE                                                                                                                                   ONLY IF YOU ARE HERE  ...

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LotusK #1
Chapter 25: Thank you so much! the poster is absolutely lovely <3. I hope the tattoos weren't too difficult to edit and sorry for the trouble. There's only a few things really I'm hoping you can do over, please?

1) Could the font for the title 'Stained Glass' be changed to the same font you used for the "you hold me without touch" quote?
2) Jongin doesn't actually have earrings in the fic so I would be really grateful if you could remove them
3) Could the font be changed in the background as well? So it's the same as the one on the cover?

Thank you so much for the wonderful poster and I hope you can fix the things I mentioned <3
taelighted #2
Chapter 23: Oh! Loving the typography and colors :D
I'm sorry, but I dont know how to request, could someone please help??
jeje_bts #4
Chapter 23: Thank you so much. I love it. It's a little bit hard to read the title at first because I didnt know where my eyes should go. But I got it.
I credited :)
skyreach #5
Chapter 24: Kyaaaa~ thank you so much! I lovve it! >u<
Choinu99 #6
Chapter 22: Thank you so much! I love it~ c:
valentinexoxo #7
Chapter 1: hello... i m kinda new here and i just started my first story so can you tell me how to get a form?
4EverLittleMsFanGirl #8
Chapter 2: hello. :) uhm, may i know where's the link of the status list?
remembertonight #9
Chapter 21: picked up! thank you so much; it's beautiful!!
KoreanLover300 #10
I can't open the form..? :/