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∞ Pickup for OutOfLine


pickup for outofline.



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ChaeMinSeo #1
I have requested for a few days now and have not seen my name on the status list. Have my request been denied? If it had I would like to know so I could request from somewhere else.
--stella #2
Chapter 11: love this one! simple yet skillful hahaha
mayyoung #3
Chapter 13: Picked up my poster thank you so much! Gonna credit and put it all on tonight after I get home and on my laptop! Thank you so much, it's lovely!
Choi_Kimmy #4
Chapter 11: so so so lovely as usual (you already know what I think about the poster via Twitter kekeke) <333333
IceCream13 #5
Chapter 9: OMG WAAAAAAT. HOLD UP. THIS IS FREAKING DAEKBAK!!!!!!! Thank you so much. Thank you thank you thank you!! It's so beautiful!! ;'D (sorry for caps lock. I'm spazzing out here >_<)
yunasbowtie #6
Chapter 6: OMG they look so fine <33 such a wonderful poster~~
KoreanLover300 #7
Was my request rejected? It is not in the status list... :/
nikatsu #8
Chapter 8: This is so GOOOOD! Thank you so much! :D
lovefanfiction #9
Hello! I wanted to request a poster. Are you guys taking requests right now?3
ShinHaRin #10
Chapter 6: Oh my gosh this is more than what I expected it to be thank you so much! This is my first time to request for the aesthetic side of AFF and you guys made it unforgettable. Thank you so much! God bless! I just wanna ask: how do I pick it up? (gosh I may look so stupid but I don't really know how things work here I'm so sorry) :)) Once again thank you and God bless to the entire team!