Mobster for Rent BOOKS!!

MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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My friends who are from the Philippines published Mobster for Rent (with different character names e.g. Dara is changed to Sara, Jiyong is changed to Gio, TOP is Toby, etc.). They are selling it so you might want to order. Follow and tweet her @incensemaster 


Here's a picture collage of those who already received their books last year


credits: @demigod2NE3



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Unnie... accept my friendrequest huhu thank you in advance ❤
Pempot25KN #2
Chapter 33: Dara: You've said enough. ???
ericnammaid #3
Chapter 2: Daragon for life honestly :v <3
Pempot25KN #4
Chapter 19: Where is Jiyong in that fairytail? ????
Chapter 38: Now i know what the fuss is all about! One of the best daragon fanfic! Love it!!! ❤❤❤
amleht #6
Chapter 40: Waaaahhhhh!!!! This is so good... really, really good. It's my second time reading this amazing story and the "feels" still the same. Thank u so much authornim. You're the best!!! :-)
80 streak #7
So I was scrolling through my subscriptions when I came across this story and I realized how long it has been (it's like one of the first few ones I read here in aff back in 2012). I feel nostalgic just by seeing the title! Will be re-reading this again really soon <3
perfectlame #8
I am going to read your stories again coz i need something to cheer me up. Feeling down for days.
benchmarie26 #9
Chapter 38: Thank you soo much for this wonderful story.. Love you
Mavitiraa #10
Chapter 39: Is it possible to still buy the MFR book too?