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Note: The information below about the Triad Organizational Structure came from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triad_(underground_society)SANDARA's POV  


credits: liquidskin

GAHH!! THE SHAME! THE SHAMMMEE!! THE SHHHAMMMMEEE!! I stole a glance at him and immediately glued my eyes on my lap. We were both sitting in silence at the edge of the bed after that whole commotion. How can I look at him after this?! All I can think about is that monstrous bulge rubbing my face! And I even squeezed it! KYYAHH!! I swear, it's so freaking huge as if a tree branch is hidden under there! My whole body oddly felt warm and my cheeks are already crimson red that I'm practically a giant tomato. I can't even apologize properly, heck I can't even move! Everything that transcended between us is a total shock for my heart. I'm honestly surprised that I'm still in once piece. For a moment there, I thought all my internal organs will crawl out and abandon me. I stiffened when I heard his heavy sigh. "Are you alright?", he suddenly asked and softly touched the strands of my hair that he cut. "Y-Yes", I mumbled without looking at him. "You sure? I actually thought you were going to leap towards me and canoodle me senseless", there was a playful tone in his voice. I remained silent. I just can't trust my mouth anymore. From my peripheral vision, I saw him getting closer. I was paralyzed while waiting for his next move! "I have to warn you, though...", he whispered on my ears, his breath sending shivers down my spine (and somewhere else!) "I'm too rough for a to handle. I might rip you in half", he added.BOOM! <- Ovaries explosion! GAHD! Stop it, Jiyong! I'm already pregnant with your child! "You have no idea what I want to do to you right now, babe", his lips slightly brushed my jawline. I squirmed on my spot, firmly closing my legs together. I really need new ovaries..and uterus.. "You'll be moaning for my name..." Let us all pray for my soul... "But I won't do it" WHY NOT?! I bolted my head sidewards and saw him evilly smirking at me. Hang on a sec, why am I even considering such things? He's hypnotizing me! "You want me, don't you geek?", he cocked his eyebrows and leaned back while planting his palms on the bed, displaying his still huge and plump Destruction despite his zipped jeans. *Gulp! "No, I don't! JERK!", I crossed my arms and snappily whipped my head on the other direction. Plump....Huge...Bulge....Nyam Nyam... GAAHH!! BRAIN, STOP IT! "Good. Because I will never do it with you. It will just complicate things", he flatly said. . Breathe Dara, breathe. What is this painful feeling? "Good. Because I don't plan on doing it with you, either!", I snarled at him. Damn you, Kwon Jiyong! You're too full of yourself. It's Donghae that I like! No, I love Donghae! You're just leading me on! This strange feeling will go away once the rent period lapses, I'm sure of it! "Glad we're on the same page", he muttered after staring intently at me. I thought I saw something in his eyes but it quickly disappeared. "Glad you're not taking advantage of me anymore", I retorted. "Same cannot be said for you. I thought you were going to bite my weapon a while ago. You should have seen your deranged eyes", he started walking towards the door. GRRRR!!! "Hey, where are you going? The food is here", I called out. "Eat it. I'm not hungry" "Where are you going?", I asked again. "Some place" "You're going to..your woman, aren't you?", oh my goodness. WHY CAN'T I STOP MY FREAKING MOUTH?! He glanced back at me, his hands still resting on the doorknob. My gut feeling tells me that I hit the bullseye. I just knew he had to see his other clients or other women judging from his current state right now. He's a man after all. But, why does it freaking hurts like hell? Is it my ego? My pride? I don't know. Damn it. "No", he simply said and quietly left. I literally wanted to kick myself right now. Why am I even acting like a jealous girlfriend? For all I know, he can be going back to his suite or probably just going to check something about company matters. But what if he really is going to another woman? Tch. Why am I always thinking about him and other girls? Frankly, it's none of my business. What I should be worrying about is Donghae. The thought of my drinking buddy brought memories that seem so distant now. Life was simple then. I'm admiring him without him knowing it. I feel giddy whenever he does or say something and I share my experiences with Bommie. Now, I always get this confusing feeling that is somehow so painful to bear - brought about by Jiyong. I started dialing Donghae's number but all I got is his voicemail. I wanted to say a lot of things. I wanted to tell him that I miss our drinking sessions. That I miss seeing his smile. That I already finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist. That we still need to choose the characters to cosplay for the next Comic Con. That I miss us. But the call disconnected before I can even say anything. _____________________________________________________________TOP's POV Our boss stormed in our suite and immediately barked his instructions. "Guard Dara. I'll just go to one of my concubines here in Shanghai", he said with furrowed eyebrows. And what's that swell in his pants? Omo. "Boss, what happened?", Youngbae asked. Jiyong heaved the deepest sigh and furiously grabbed some weapons. He latched it in his body and donned a jacket. "Dara gave me a fcking again", he bluntly answered while grabbing the car keys. I'm not even sure if he realized what he just revealed! I was trying my very best not to collapse on the floor and die of laughing but it is proving to be a big challenge. My face was contorted in all directions as I tried to suppress my laughter. I'm absolutely positive that Youngbae, Daesung and Seungri are having a hard time to keep a straight face as well. "Don't think you already won, hyung", he told me and slammed the door shut. On cue.... "HHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!", all four of us are sprawled on the floor while laughing maniacally at our boss' misfortune. I was rolling from one side of the room to the other while holding my tummy! GAHHD!! I'm dying!! "Blue...balls..pain.....HAHAHHAHA!!", I don't even know who's speaking because our voices were so high-pitched from too much laughing like we've inhaled helium. It was minutes of non-stop laughter! Oh my goodness, Sandara Park! How can you reduce us to a useless lump of giggling meat?! Damn, I pity our boss. His face is a mosaic of pure pain brought by a serious case of . Oh women, how many times do I have to tell your species that blue balls is the kind of torture that no man deserves. It will make the lower half of his body numb and screaming for mercy. Any man will pay any amount of money or do anything just to make that horrible pain go away. My junk can't take that much torture. It will certainly disengage from my body and will start attacking the whole city like a freaking Godzilla on the loose. "Okay..I'm calm..I'm calm...HAHHAHAHAHHAHA!!", we were laughing like hyenas whenever we look at each other. It's just so hilarious! OTTOKAE!! I can't breathe!! HAHHAHA!! I can't imagine a like Sandara Park can bring such excruciating pain to a crime boss like Jiyong! ANDDDD..Jiyong just lets it go instead of just ramming his thing inside her like what we would all do in a similar situation. "Fck, man! Blue balls!", Daesung exclaimed while gasping for air. "It's plain ruthless!", Youngbae chimed in. "And retarded!", I said as another round of laughter filled the room. Okay, enough of this. I shall now give my prophecy. It's just a matter of time that our boss will finally realize that he's falling for Sandara Park. But here's the problem, the Dragon Head does not seem too thrilled about the duo. Come to think about it, they're like the Mafia's version of Romeo and Juliet! GAH! I'm getting excited on how this whole K-Dramaish story will unfold! Anyway, Dara and Jiyong are probably going to banter again after this. Here's my theory, they're just trying to protect themselves from each other. Their situation is complicated and not very ideal, after all. But despite their constant fights and bickerings, they still tend to gravitate towards one another. That, my friend, is romance waiting to happen. Oh God, I'm such a genius I'm falling in love with myself. _____________________________________________________________ TOP, Youngbae, Seungri and Daesung were lounging inside one of the VIP rooms in the Sky Casino while their men are playing poker on the main floor when an attack was made by one the Triads' enemies. Since they're in China, which is the seat of the Triads Main Headquarters, a lot of Triads' rivals converge there to try to take them down. This is also the reason why most of the high ranking Triad officials do not reside in China. "Amateurs", TOP said as another sniper bullet hit the wall. "The other guests are being evacuated", Youngbae said while crouching beside him. They were all sitting on the floor with their backs leaning on the wall. When sniper bullets began showering their room, Youngbae immediately informed the security to vacate the premises. Since the casino is also owned by the Triads, the staffs already know what to do in cases like these. They already have a cover story and are quick in their actions. TOP and Daesung snickered when another two bullets were fired and hit the table. "Can you believe these guys? There are two snipers on the rooftop and neither can even hit a limb", TOP cockily said while munching some chips. "Hyung, quit playing around and shoot them. We still need to help our men in obliterating those who might be attacking on the main floor", Youngbae exasperatedly reminded him. "Oh, let our men handle those crazy motherfckers", he dismissed him and continued chilling. "Aren't you forgetting something, hyung? You really need to get out of this room and guard someone, remember? What if one of these clowns managed to track where we're staying?", Seungri butted...

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