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Note: The information below about the Triad Organizational Structure came from's POV "Y-You have a boyfriend, Dara? Who?", I heard Donghae ask but I'm too scared to look up. "Me", a deep voice behind me interjected. Then, I felt my seat spinned and the next thing I know, I was facing Jiyong. His hands were rested on the sides of my seat, trapping me with his arms as he smirked at me. "Hello babe" His husky voice is intoxicating. I found myself staring on his wet lips as he bit it while grinning. I was sitting there, trapped between his arms while his face is just a few inches away from mine with an overly y smirk.... <*takes a deep breath*>*SQUEAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL It's over. My ovaries are history. His hotness is just...gahhhdd!! I can't even think of a far more superior word to describe it. He is a walking soft p0rn! GAAAHHH!!! *diesssss I swallowed hard while my heart thundered with an unfamiliar beat as I continuously stared at his lips.KISS MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!, my mind screamed. Oh sh!t, I'm turning into an entirely different (and ) woman! My body is uncontrollable! I don't know what's gotten into me but I was (unconsciously) slowly leaning forward to have a taste of those soft, luscious lips when my seat spinned again and I was now facing the shell-shocked Donghae and Tiffany. I felt Jiyong's chest reverberating at my back as he chuckled softly. WAAAHH!!! This jerk! I elbowed him forcefully as I felt my cheeks getting hot. But when my eyes landed on Donghae, I stiffened. Never have I seen him with a very stoic expression, far from the smiling and playful drinking buddy that I know. He was looking intently behind me - at Jiyong. I glanced sidewards and saw Jiyong staring back at him with equal intensity. I cleared my throat nervously, grabbing their attention, including Tiffany's (she's still here?). "Jiyong, this is Tiffany and of course, you've met Donghae before", I made the introductions as he occupied the empty seat at my right while Donghae is at my left side. Since it's a round table with high seats, we were all in close proximity with each other. I thought a solid silence will ensue after the introductions, but I was wrong. Donghae gunned down Jiyong with questions without even a trace of smile on his face while Tiffany leveled up on flaunting her s! Is she trying to seduce Jiyong?! Everything became chaotic. I don't know whether I should answer Donghae's questions or cover Jiyong's eyes because those demon s are evil! "You've only known each other for a short time, how did you two become a couple?", he asked. "I asked her to be my girlfriend, she agreed. That's just it.", Jiyong simply said and Donghae doesn't look a bit convinced. "Dara wouldn't readily agree until she has gotten to know more about the person", Donghae then met my eyes and I felt like my breath was snatched away from me as I saw pain in them. Oh my God, is this really what I want? "D-Donghae..uhm, you see, I...", I stuttered as I tried to explain but Jiyong cut me off. "I guess she already know me enough", he said. "When I met you the first time, are you already together?", Donghae asked. "Uhmm...", oh crap. "Yes", Jiyong replied. Donghae was taken aback and looked at me with an unreadable expression. "I'm sorry I lied to you", I mumbled while biting my lips. I felt guilty because I'm lying to him even now. And I'm so confused as what to feel with his reaction. I should be happy since he didn't take it lightly and seems to be visibly shaken by the fact that I have a boyfriend. But, I'm not. An uncomfortable pause followed which was broken by Tiffany. I've never felt so thankful for her unwelcome presence this evening. She serves some purpose after all! "Are you also here for the seminar, Jiyong?", she asked while strutting her humps. Argh! I take back what I said. "Nah, I just happen to be in the area", he said and glanced downwards. The jerk was looking at Tiffany's cleavage! I discreetly kicked his foot while pretending to fix my hair, but they just continued chatting. Grrrrr! "The cocktail drinks in this bar are amazing. I particulary like....the ", she said while putting the olive in her mouth. OMG! Can she not see that I'm sitting here?! I thought she likes Donghae? "Sounds tempting", he muttered. I furiously grabbed my bottle while flaming Jiyong with my deathly glare. I can't believe they're talking about a drink with ual connotation in front of me and Donghae. "But, I'm not really into sweet cocktails", he added. "Aww, too bad. is a real delight", Tiffany placed her glass on the table, her hand almost brushing Jiyong's arm. I quickly pulled the hem of Jiyong's sleeve! GAAHHH!!! If she dares touch Jiyong, I swear I will eat her brain! I sighed deeply afterwards. They are such a perfect combination - the jerk and the . I can't help but think this is how he gets girls to jump on his bed. There was a tiny squeeze in my heart, but I chose to ignore it. I continued with what I'm doing - drinking one beer after another. I stiffened when my eyes fell on Donghae. I didn't realize that Donghae was staring at me the entire time. He was observing us. I gave him a timid smile and diverted my gaze while gulping down my drink. Tiffany was still engaging Jiyong with her casual talk, making my blood boil. "That's enough", Jiyong suddenly said while pulling the bottle away from me. "I can handle my alcohol", I protested. This jerk! After flirting with the b!tch, he's now paying attention to me? I tried to snatch the bottle again but it turns out I'm really beyond my usual beer intake. When I leaned forward to grab the bottle back, I didn't realize I was about to fall off my seat - face-forward. Everything happened so fast. Donghae hugged me from behind, snaking his arm around my waist to prevent my fall while Jiyong stood in front of me, wrapping his arms around my body and resting my face on his shoulder, his hand holding the back of my head. "I got her, man", Jiyong said in a firm voice. Donghae lets me go and went back to his seat while Jiyong checked if I'm fine. "I'll punish you later", he warned me, but it just sounds oh so y. *Kyahhh!! "Uh-oh", I whispered playfully on his ears, my cheeks slightly brushing against his. Ottokae! Dara, I don't know you anymore! A smirk formed at the side of his lips as he helped me steady myself on my seat. He then leaned forward and whispered back on my ears. "Don't taunt me. I told you I'm rough" KKYAAAAHHH!!!!!!!! *diesssssss I think my heart exploded. Is it me or is it getting really hot here? I started fanning myself with my hands. Tiffany twitched her mouth in irritation and rolled her eyes. She then tried to engage Jiyong again in another conversation. And the jerk willingly replies to all of her questions! I pouted and looked longingly at the bottle of beer he snatched away from me. I need more alcohol to shut Tiffany's annoying voice off my mind. Jiyong suddenly stretched his arm and playfully covered my whole face with his hand. Argh, jerk! I slapped his hand away as he chuckled and went back on chatting with that woman. Hmph! "Dara..", Donghae suddenly called out. "Mhhmm?" "Mani marte?", he asked. I gasped in surprise. He's speaking to me in Elvish language!What happened? I knew he was talking about him and I. I just couldn't find the right response for that so I remained silent and just stared directly at his eyes. "Amin dele ten' lle", he gently said.I am worried about you My chest constricted. "I'm fine, don't worry", I assured him. "Vanimle sila tiri", he smiled at me.Your beauty shines bright The softness in his eyes is making me guiltier than I already am. I dare not open my mouth because my voice might break. I didn't expect this from him. "Amin naa lle nai"I am yours to command. I bit my lips and bowed my head with what he said. He's telling me that he'll always be there for me. My head throbbed and my heart hurts. I'm so confused right now. He then chuckled bitterly and chugged his drink. "I'm off", he ruffled my hair and pinched my cheeks, like what he usually does. Sadness was evident in his eyes but he still smiled at me. I was about to say something when I felt a pain on my waist. What the hell? I glanced down and saw Jiyong's hand pinching my side. I lifted my gaze and he was frowning at me. What's up with him? "Tiffany, I'll walk you to your suite", Donghae offered. I sighed deeply as they were about to leave. "I'll see you around, Jiyong. Bye, Dara", Tiffany said. No, you won't see him around! Duh! "Yeah, see you later", Jiyong replied. What?! There will be no later, jerk! _____________________________________________________________ Dara was stomping her feet as they walked on the street. She was still furious with how GD accomodated Tiffany's advances. It's odd that her thoughts are preoccupied with that instead of thinking about her situation with Donghae, but Dara is too consumed with annoyance to even care. "That went well", GD nonchalantly remarked. Dara snappily whipped her head and faced him with furrowed eyebrows. "No, it did not. You were flirting with her!", she accusingly said. "Who? Fany?" "Oh, now she has a nickname" "She told me to call her that. And I was just politely answering her questions", he reasoned. "Come on, you were staring at her gigantic chest!", "Ah, that. Of course, I can't ignore those eyecandies", GD jokingly replied but Dara wasn't half-amused. "Argh! Jerk!" "What's with you?" "You're my boyfriend!", she angrily screamed as she stopped walking. "M-My rented boyfriend. So you shouldn't be flirting with front of me", she added and diverted her gaze while crossing her arms over her chest. GD smiled as he looked at the fuming tiny woman before him. She's so cute when she's angry hahahaha! Her expression alone is enough to make his trip here all worth it. GD was actually supposed to just check on her and head back to his office at the headquarters immediately since he just sneaked out right after the meeting with the Straw Sandal. He didn't even bring his men with him since TOP will certainly make sure that he won't live another peaceful day for the rest of his life for eating his words. He said he'll just wait until Dara gets back but it's been bugging him since last night so he decided to pay a quick visit. Everything that happened so far was out of the plan. Dara was not supposed to know that he's there but he ended up revealing himself. Actually, all his plans are being messed up because of Sandara Park. Which is kind of disturbing... He shook off the uneasy thoughts. He's the Deputy Mountain Master of the Triad - a mobster boss of the mafia world. He shouldn't forget that. He's just doing this for his own amusement. Nothing more, nothing less. He will walk away from all these when the time comes. "You're funny when you're jealous, geek", GD noted in an amused tone. "I AM NOT JEALOUS!", Dara shrieked hysterically making him laugh. Ahhhhh, yeah. This is the reason why he agreed to this ridiculous setup in the first place. So he can experience blissful fun once in a while. "Arasso", he shrugged his shoulders and shoved his hands inside his pockets while wearing an unconvinced expression on his face. "!", Dara muttered under gritted teeth and glared at GD like she's about to leap towards him any moment and rip his head off. "Uh-huh", he then started walking, leaving her behind. He glanced back and smirked teasingly.GRRRRRRRRR! Jerk!, Dara breathed in deeply to prevent herself from erupting. She trailed behind him while mumbling incoherent words. "Yah, wait up. You don't even know where I'm staying", Dara called out. "Let's head to my hotel suite first. I brought your phone with me.", he replied without even glancing. "You went inside my apartment while I'm not around?! You creep!" "I went to check our pet. You just let her roam around the backyard without enough food. You're a bad mommy" "What are you doing here by the way?", she asked. "Just some stuffs. Then I went out of my way just to check on you, even if you didn't text me", GD accusingly said. "You're the one who ignored me first", she mumbled. "I was busy", he nonchalantly replied. Dara exhaled loudly. She should really be used to this uncaring side of GD but it still worries her whenever he suddenly disappears. "Can you please text me even if you're busy? It bothers me when I don't hear from you", she said. "If you sent me a message first, I would've replied" "I was thinking you were accompanying your other girlfrie-...clients. That's why I didn't text you", she answered and fixed her gaze downwards as she felt a stinging pain again with the mention of GD's other clients. GD stared at Dara's sullen state and chuckled lightly. He then stopped walking and waited for her to reach him. "You worry too much", he amusedly said and pinched her nose. She groaned in protest and pulled away from GD's grip. "Aigoo, you and Donghae always pinch my face", she unwittingly remarked. "Hmm...Well, that's the only similar thing betwe...

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Chapter 39: THis has been one of the best stories i've read here in aff.. its like a tv monitor is in front of me and i am watching dara and jiyong bicker!

Thank you authornim for this story! It makes us hopelessly romantic more hopeful!
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