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SBS inkigayo 30/10/11

Yuri's eyes never left Jessica for the whole performance. She knew that the latter's health was not in the best condition and from her eyes, Yuri could tell that something was bothering her.

"Take 7 ! 3, 2, 1 So Nyuh Shi Dae !! Chukahaeyo~" The MCs congratulated the girls and Sunny took the award from Gi Kwang's hands, jumping with jubilation. The leader and maknae were giving their thank you speeches and everyone was smiling, glowing with delight...

Except for one.

The Ice Princess broke into tears, sobbing. The girls went over to calm her down, while singing the encore of their title song. Yuri saw her princess in tears, but yet she chose to keep a distance from her, fighting the urge to go over and pull her into her embrace.She had decided to only go over until the whole program ended and they were back in the waiting room. The girls were finally walking back to their waiting room and Tiffany was comforting the crying one, but failed to stop her tears from falling.

Yoona and Yuri were walking at the back of the group, along the corridor. "Appa, what's wrong with Sica umma ? She's crying as though there's no tomorrow. Has it got something to do with you ?"

That question left Yuri dumbfounded. It then occured to her that she had no reply to the younger one's question and shrugged her shoulder, "Right...I'll ask her later..."

Back in the waiting room.

Jessica was sitting on the couch, all alone. Her sisters knew that they had to leave her alone for some time, in order for her to calm down. The girls had left the waiting room for some random interview. Yuri requested to be excused from group as she wanted to be with Jessica. "Take good care of umma," Yoona whispered into Yuri's ear and left with the rest after receiving a nod from her.

"Baby, what's wrong ?" She knelted on ground, looking up at Jessica with her puppy eyes.

Things had definitely changed since the day Jessica moved out of their dorm. Yuri could sense that they were slowly drifting apart, despite the fact that they were together for most of the time during the day. They used to hold heart to heart conversations during late nights in the past, not anymore. Issues and rumours soon cropped up. Jessica meeting up with her guy friends, Yuri having a crush on certain male artiste and males, or even females, were going crazily after the her. Nobody knew the truth. Yuri was beginning to doubt their relationship, but still remained faithful towards it.

"Who's your baby ?" Jessica avoided Yuri's gaze and looked away, biting her lower lip with her front teeth.

"Oooh someone's trying to be hard-to-get, eh ? And can you don't do that, you look so tempting..." After her words, she stood up on her feet and hugged Jessica, with her head pressing on her abdomen. Jessica pushed Yuri away half heartedly, but Yuri appeared to be too strong for her. Knowing that the Ice Princess was slowly melting and giving in, Yuri pulled her up and cuddled her in her arms. She stumbled a little and her body was leaning against the wall for support while securing her arms around Jessica's waist.

"Who did this to you ?" She spoke in a grave voice, as if ready to launch an attack to the one behind her lover's tears. She reached out for the tissue box beside them and grabbed a piece of tissue out of it. Wiping her tears away, she reassured her as her tone softened with affection, "It's okay, just tell me the truth...was it me ? Don't hide things from me, Sica ah... It hurts even more to know you're hiding your feelings from me you know ?"

Something within Jessica snapped as the words registered in her mind. A wave of emotions swept over her. "Aishhh Sica ah, stop crying. Look your make-up is smudged !" At last, Jessica looked back at her with tear-reddened eyes.

Yuri drew a breath and released it slowly before she said another word. "It's me right ?"

Her eyes were blurred with tears once again and she muttered, "Dae...."

Yuri let out an audible sigh and asked, "Is it about Minho ? There's nothing between us really, he's only a dongsaeng to me." She swept Jessica's fringe to the side and pressed her lips against her forehead. "Mianhae if I had been spending more time with him than you, hurting you most of the time..."

"Do you know how much it's killing me inside whenever you're with him ? Having fun, smiling. I was so afraid that you would go to him and leave me all alone !" Jessica's voice rose in consternation and backed away from Yuri, only to be stopped by her pair of arms.

"I'm sorry Sica ah.. I won't leave you no matter what. Will you forgive your Kwon seobang that loves you with all her heart ?" She wrapped her arms around her and hugged her tight, swaying from side to side. She buried her face in the crook of her neck and apologized, "Forgive this pabo, will you ?"

"I will. Cos I know I can't live a day without this pabo."

Yuri inched closer, wanting to kiss her Sica baby, but her lips landed on her fingertips instead. She groaned, feeling a little fustrated. "Tell me 3 reasons why I should allow you to kiss me." Yuri laughed at her demand and replied confidently, "One, you're Jessica Jung. Two, I'm Kwon Yuri. Three, I'm that pabo that loves Jessica Jung. Easy."

"Pabo saranghae..." Jessica withdrew her fingers from her chin and tiptoed a little to meet Yuri's waiting lips as the latter hugged her closer, subconsciously.

After an hour, the members were finally back, only to see Jessica sleeping on Yuri's lap and the other was dozing off, but their fingers were still intertwined. "Looks like umma and appa...."

"Reconciled." Seohyun finished Yoona's sentence and they both chuckled.

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