Hate Me Now, Love Me Later

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In where SeulGi is forced to serve the of a 'princess' just to pay her family's debt.




Guaranteed OOC and AU.


Kindly leave your thoughts about the chapters, it will be highly appreciated.




Heartfelt thanks to dugonggie for the amazing poster!!!

And to Professora Aninha for her hardwork and patience with the Portuguese Translation!!!


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xxxxioixxxx 0 points #1
Chapter 16: Why am I the one having a rollercoaster kind of sickness and butterflies in my stomach? ><
alexyoong 0 points #2
Chapter 30: I was boring when I first found this story. I needed some refreshing, but instead of reading my usual ship, I thought 'how about SeulRene instead?' Then the tag search showed up this story. Not gonna lie, this story is one heck of an emotional roller coaster. You got me really bad!! It made me feel warm, grin to myself, then pent up at how frustrating both girls could be (I had a big urge to kick Irene in the for being so stupid at chapter 20ish, she got me real frustrated XD), and finally feel content. I am very satisfied to stumble upon this story. Thumbs up to you!! Thank you for the story!!
0 points #3
This is the best Seulrene fanfiction in the regular story listings. I never get tired re-reading this from time to time. The feels will always be there whenever I read it. Thank you author for this marvelous fanfiction.
Chapter 30: I started to read this fic yesterday and I finished today, it was so great that I couldn't stop,well, I fall asleep reading it kakakakaka
Thanks for the fic, that was awesome.
Chapter 30: The feels from this fic. Thank you for this amazing masterpiece.
Seulsbear #6
Gonna re read this listening to dont push me away Ost by seulgi and wendy. Seems fitting
Sehunteryegg #7
Chapter 30: it's already 2018--but this fic--this is a legendary one
Chapter 30: Such a romantic push and pull story.
Good one.
Thank you for sharing with us and congratulation for getting featured. :)
Elisssa231 #9
Chapter 21: Wow Irene is seriously messed up. Seulgi deserves better
Chapter 30: i'm crying