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U-Kiss and You ^^



xMusicLOVERxMVP here with 2nd fanfic !! with PinkFishy385 as Co-Author ^^

We didn't find any much U-kiss scenarios so we thought we would do one :D
We will do our own but if you want to request then feel free to.
This is our first time doing scenarios so please be nice and we will do our best :)
You can request for solo scenarios if you wish. We will do rated scenarios but because we want to keep these scenarios clean we will probably do it in a one shot.

Thankyou ^^~



If you are requesting please state if you want a solo or normal scenario (If you are requesting for a solo scenario then state if you want it to be optional bias or someone from u-kiss). Also PM us what you want it to be about ^^ it helps us a lot! If you want a suprise then just tell us! ^^ (Don't worry we won't bite XD )



Chapter 1. Meeting U-kiss

Chapter 2. Learning from U-kiss

Chapter 3. Cooking with U-kiss

Chapter 4. When you're with other members

Chapter 5. (Optional Bias) Prom night

Chapter 6. (Dongho) Sweet jealousy

Chapter 7. (Eli) Dreams

Coming soon~


Normal Scenarios:


Solo Scenarios:

  • (AJ) Helpping you because I love you




InspiritedKissMe101 Dongho solo scenario.
elisblackhole Eli solo scenario
LSmimiS AJ solo scenario 

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ilovepudding () says about chapter 1:
Ummmm is it okay if I request a solo scenario with Hoon
thankx ^___^

ilovepudding () says about chapter 1:

peach-girl () says about chapter 4:
hahaha hoon so funny...<3

slygirl () says about chapter 8:
i want soo hyun scenario too please :(

yaniiikim () says about chapter 6:
Dongho!!! wae you so cuuuuuuuuuute =">

KevonYeo () says:
gah i love your scenarios <3 short and sweet~ its really DAEBAKK!! ^^ update soon~

dzgiirl96 () says:
can i request a solo scenario with soohyun plzz ?

sailorroxy () says:
please write a part 2 to the Eli one!!!

SHINee_Baby () says:
Awwww the Eli scenario was so sweet!! ^_^ hope to read more of your scenarios!!

PinkFishy385 () says:
I'm Sorry T.T I'll try harder next time XD

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