You can't stop me, try if you must, but i wont lose not this time


There is a few things you should know about should know that LeeHongKi, the lead singer for FTisland, is my older brother. Lee Hongki  is the mOST over protective brother you can have.  You should also know that I am living alone in Korea in an apartment near Fnc Practice Building, there are 2 reasons why I live there.

1) to be near my brother
2) my job
I am a art teacher in a program near Fnc building

However if you had a crazy over protective brother
Iike mine you wouldn't mind living miles away from him! No matter the cost.

I haven't had a boyfriend that lasted longer than a month since I moved near him.


"Ughh AHHHHHHHH, why must you ALWAYS ruin, every relationship I have! Your my brother not my MoM!" I roared loudly. I stormed past my annoying and cruel brother and sat down on the blue couch.

" Because, your my sister and I'm not letting you near any of my bandmates!" Hongki retorted, turning his body around to face me, he continued to defend himself " I don't want you making out with them or anything because ONE of you will end up hurt!". His usual dark milky eyes changed into a cold and fierce glare. The stabbing stare muted my voice. I breathed deeply gathering up all my courage.

I stood up, marched in front of him, and looked him directly in the eyes. His cold still stare matched my fiery fierce glare.

"Fine, I will stay away from your friends! But NEVER barg into my love life EVER again! Tell WonBin I said Goodbye" I pushed past him and walked out of my apartment, slamming my door for good measures. The tear that slide down my face symbolized the end of me and WonBin, we had lasted ONE WEEK before HongKi managed to get us.

I left my building and headed for the first coffee shop.



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please update., please please please... :DDD
frenata #2
of course it's seunghyun! ekekek :P<br />
hello, new reader here. nice update, keep it going :D