The Sad Man, The Broken Man, and a Boy

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On what is suppose to be the happiest day in his life, Lee Donghae was left on the altar by the other groom for another man.

But this isn't the story of how it all happened. This is the story of the aftermath when you, the runaway groom's widowed older brother with a toddler son and a dead wife, invited him to join in on your life drama. 




"Why would you do that?"


"It's the right thing to do, Hyukjae,"


"No, right thing to do is you standing in that altar with Siwon next to you, exchanging vow, be grossly in love and share that giant 5 tier cake i swear could feed a small nation. It's not you, almost crying your eyes out running away with me from 'family feud the real experience' with your brother as the enthusiastic host while mine is probably on a plane with a last minute ticket with Kibum on the way to ing Viva Las Vegas,"




Spend the last weeks before my graduation watching horrible romantic drama with a couple of friends and during one of them this popped into my mind: You know how there's the story when a guy was almost married to some girl or vice versa, probably because of family's pressure and stuff but then realize they're in love with someone else and left the bride or groom before or during the wedding like a Taylor Swift MV? Yeah, most of the time we saw the runaway bride/groom happily ever after with the person they ran away for. 

Now i wanna try a story about the person left on the altar. Because this is something i'm curious about.

Hope you'd enjoy the story, and any feedback is welcomed! 



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reading this again one of the best eunhae angst i've read ♥♥
Congratulations on getting featured!
Chapter 4: This story got me crying and smiling omg ahahaha but u did great author-nim! A perfect fanfic in this kind of weather ^^ thank you for writing such a wonderful piece
Chapter 4: Read this again and it's just SO GOOD. And so touching. Thank you for sharing this with us.
gaviotta1 #6
Chapter 4: Rereading this beautiful story again i loved it so much thank you author-nim for your amasing work! ! ! ! !
YooJiHyuk #7
Chapter 4: Reread this again and reminds me why i love this story because it is perfect
Stina77 #8
My friend said that this is one of the best Eunhae angst ff she read!
Congrats ♡
Congratulations on the feature!~ this is seriously one of the best angst stories that i've read!~ ᵔᴥᵔ