When Your Legs Don't Work


A wheelchair bound Kyungsoo and Jongin - a dance instructor - meet at a wedding. The pair quickly fall for their opposites. 


Originally written for the Kaisoo Valentine's Day Project: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/893762/kaisoo-valentine-s-project-romance-jongin-kyungsoo-kaisoo

Please check it out, all the authors are amazing people/writers. 


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skyblue_icecream #1
Chapter 1: awww baekhyun as a child and omg the stargazing and constellations ugh so beautiful and perfect just like kaisoo
kpopbrazil #2
Chapter 1: I can't express how special this story was. I mean, having a person in wheelchair as main character is so rare anf important and necessary!
Chapter 1: Just reread~~ loved it~~
Chapter 1: really beautiful :)
Chapter 1: This - this was beautiful ¥~¥
Mustanggirl2015 #6
Chapter 1: THIS IS SO SWEET I am in love with this ahhhhh thank you thank you thank you!!
meemye #7
Chapter 1: so romantic i am speechless
Chapter 1: That was beautifully inspirational but tell me im not the only one that instantly thought of the worst case scerario/ending for this lol. Kyungsoo takes his first step, Jongin gets into a car accident O.O
oh gosh im so pessimistic haha
Ive read this so many times ^^
Chapter 1: I've read this before and I've been thinking what the title was since I suddenly wanted to read it again and here I found it! This is soooooooo amazing ~