Amethyst's One-Shot Collection for YUNJAE


These are the collections one shot for Yunjae...I'll repost it in here...and continue to update...


Hello...I gather back all my collections of one-shot...don't hesitate to comment...there would be in differrent kind of genre so stay stuned... There includes:


The List :

  • Chap 1

"Wish...for eternally"


  • Chap 2                   

"No Shouting but Kissing!!!"


  • Chap 3 7         

"Love After Love"


  • Chap 4                   

"One Thing I Never Regret"


  • Chap 9 11         

"One Thing I Never Regret [2nd Version]"


  • Chap 12                  

"Bus Stop Romance"


  • Chap 13 – 17      

"Love Letter to My Bestfriend"


  • Chap 18 – 19      



  • Chap 21 – 26      

"Yoosumin's Mission"


  • Chap 27               

"Last Goodbye"


  • Chap 28 – 31      

"99%=hate, 1%=love"


  • Chap 32 – 35      



  • Chap 36                

"Last Spring"


  • Chap 37 – 39      

"Finding a Wife for My Daddy"


  • Chap 4042      

"A Story Like a Legend"


  • Chap 44 50

"Our Story"


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Chapter 50: Our story.... I really really like the ending... So sweet :-)
yixing_chanbaek #2
i really really love "love after love"~ ♡♡
reread this again and again~ ^^
Chapter 50: finally they're together! and, their confessions was kinda sweet xD Love it. <3 I love this book~
Chapter 40: omo! this is interesting~
Chapter 39: aww~ :') I'm so happy for them -sniffs-

and this part made me laughed;

“YEAH~~!!! WE’RE GOING TO BORA BORA!!!!!” Min Ha’s suddenly cheering; startled the two of them.

“Right…I forgot that she’s sleeping on our laps…” Yunho murmured. Jaejoong giggled.

“If we bring her together; then that’s mean we have to bring Changminnie too…” Yunho added.

“YEAH~~!!! WE’RE GOING TO BORA BORA!!!!!!!!!!!” Changmin jumped and cheered from behind them.

lol. xD
Chapter 35: -giggles- YunJae couple is just <3
Chapter 31: oh.. happy ending~ yay! I'm glad that they're back together. <3
Chapter 28: LOL. You go, Jae! xD aaaaand! The thing that I hate the most in this world is Cockroach. And hell, I'm more scared/terrified/afraid/fear of Cockroach than Ghost. Like seriously. x3
Chapter 27: oh myㅡ sad endingㅡ huhu. poor Jae. ;-;
Chapter 26: *Yoochun’s POV
Long Live Queen Jaejoong…hahaha…

*Junsu’s POV
I’ll kill you Changmin-ah if Jaejoong hyung forced us to clean up on behalf of you later on…