I'm not following you!


Chanyeol is a celebrity and Baekhyun is a journalist.












"Stop following me!" 

"I'm not, Mr Chanyeol. I'm just going where you're going."











Click Click Click.






















Made by Keerouche ♥ ♥ ♥ 



This will be a one-shot two-shot for our upcoming Valentine's Day (and Lunar New Year's?), I hope y'all will look forward to it >.< 

Title to be determined (as well as genre maybe?), as I haven't had the story entirely outlined yet! 

Thank you for all your support in my other stories! This is a gift from me to you c:


150602: thank you



A huge thank you to {Beauty Lies Within Graphics} once again for this beautiful poster <333 They are always so quick and the posters are always so beautiful <333 






foreword: 150602: thank you

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0 points #1
Chapter 2: Wow i actually took many days to finish this story (just because im a lazyass) but im glad i did. Chanbaek riseeeeee!
kkaepjjang #2
Chapter 2: Aaaaah this was so adorable! From Baekhyun's intro to the end, I love it to bits.
I absolutely love how quirky Baekhyun is and how be doesn't really care about being "shameless" and prioritizes happiness first. And for him to put Chanyeol before and think about him and his job shows us how much he came to love him (even though leaving was stupid. Why Baek)
The progression was nice and it was nice to see them getting close.
I really loved those intense moments when they just held each other's gaze. Ooh and the scene when Chanyeol says "I'll choose you" I loved it!
And the scene where Chanyeol finds the pictures in the bag (I knew it! I knew Baek was clicking Chanyeol's pictures!) That's effing adorable!

Also really adorable and funny was Chanyeol rushing to the airport on a 40 year old bike xD

The ending was so precious with the fan's comment and the part that says to people who love him, Chanyeol's grin is the brightest thing they've ever seen (because yaaaassss!! The truth!!)

Thank you for this lovely fic! ♡
Su_Elfiie #3
Chapter 2: Omg, this is so precious and cute TT ♥️
Chapter 2: This is so (。’▽’。)♡
Chapter 2: Amazing read! I love the way the plot develops! Also, the chemistry is crazy and the depictions from the characters as well!
lovebaek56 #7
Chapter 2: Djdjdjd reading this again. I deactivated my old account so idk if my comments from that account were deleted so mdkdmd here i am!

;o; baekhyun-ah why did you run away? Don't you ever do that again!

Thank you for the happy ending! I hope in real life, when exo starts dating, fans will receive the news as well as depicted here.
Happyeolyoo 47 streak #8
Chapter 1: aaah. baek was really frustating. he kept following chanyeol dan did those click click click sounds. i was sure chanyeol was bothered enough, even me who were just reading it through my laptop, i felt so bothered by his click click click actions. chanyeol was not being easy, but lately, why did he offer baek to stay for a night in his home? baek still a stranger to him and he should not do that, because, hey, he was a famous pop star and he didnt know who byun baek is yet. um. so, im glad that baek decided to refuse the offer hehehe
Kaisoo0109 #9
Chapter 2: I have no words to describe how I feel now, I just love it